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Taotronics SoundLiberty 95 Review

There are enough true wireless earbuds out there to make an ocean and Taotronic’s SoundLiberty line is its own sea. I couldn’t sleep last night so I counted SoundLiberty earphones until I dozed off and I got all the way to the SoundLiberty 95. It’s a sleek looking black affair that will run you $50.99. Let’s take a look.

What You Get

The SoundLiberty 95 comes with the bare necessities; the earbuds, the charging case, a cable, and your owner’s manual. 

Look and Feel

With a body and charging pod that glisten, the SoundLiberty 95 comes off as a classy set of earphones. They have a traditional bud shape, a la apple airpods, with a long wing tip extension that are meant to stabilize their fit in your ears. Unlike a lot of earbuds on the market, there is no ear tip, so you better hope it’s a good fit for your ear. Otherwise there is no changing it. Personally, they’re too big for mine and I couldn’t handle long listening sessions with them in my ear.

SoundLiberty 95 and case

Design and Functionality

Supposedly the SoundLiberty 95 has a touch control function. I can’t tell you much about it. Even though I fondled every square millimeter of these earpods, I couldn’t get anything out of them. I did read the manual and the commands seem comprehensive, so if you get one where it works they’re probably useful. 


Beyond your standard Bluetooth 5 and run of the mill codecs, the SoundLiberty 95 supports the aptX audio codec, allowing a higher quality of sound than many of its competitors. 

Battery Life

The SoundLiberty 95 has a playtime of seven hours, which is forever as far as I’m concerned. There are three additional charges in the charging pod giving us a grand total of 28. There are earphones with better overall times but I really like that a solid bulk of that time belongs to the earbuds themselves.


I’ve listened to a fair amount of Taotronics earphones in my day and the SoundLiberty 95 is not a radical departure from what I’ve come to know. There is nothing exciting about the stereo field but there rarely ever is with earphones. If you needed to you could identify how an individual element is panned. They are detailed enough for a pleasant listening experience though I have heard distortion when pushing them too hard.


Taotronics really emphasizes the 13mm driver and its increased bass response in their own marketing. And to their credit, the SoundLiberty 95 has a strong low end response. While not the most responsive bass I’ve heard in a pair of earbuds, it certainly has a body and boom that can drive a mix.


The best way to describe the SoundLiberty 95’s profile is warm and that means strong, full bodied mids. Coupled with the strong lows, mixes can get muddy on occasion, but for the most they deliver a pleasant and strong sound that is gentle on the ears.


I’ve found that a lot of the Taotronics line is weak on the highs and the SoundLiberty 95 is no different. I love a warm sound but even I’m wishing for a little bit of brightness on these things.

SoundLiberty 95


If you liked a Taotronics SoundLiberty True Wireless before but found yourself wishing for more bass, here are the earbuds for you. If you wanted more highs, these might not be the brand for you. They may look sleek but there isn’t a lot under the hood here. The SoundLiberty 95 is a good addition for any Taotronics diehards out there. If you’re not trying to catch them all, there are others in the line that I would recommend over these, such as the upcoming SoundLiberty 80 or the 94

Purchase the Taotronics SoundLiberty 95 on their website or at Amazon.

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