Here at Headphone Dungeon, we know two things – headphones and video games.

From an early age, we were the type of people to eschew sports and social gatherings.  We’d stay at home and mod our directory files, or blast some chiptunes on a hacked iPod.  Some people called us losers.  Other people called us misguided fools.  “Stop wasting your time trying to find the perfect gaming headphone,” they’d say.  “And put on some pants.”

But with RTS-style discipline and FPS-level focus, we’ve come to realize the fevered dream that got us laughed out of BestBuy:  to offer a headphone- and gaming-review website the likes of which have never been seen before.  Or read before.  Read and seen before?  You get the idea.

From our state-of-the-art review headquarters in New York, we’re diligently working to crank out the very best in reviews, while also covering gaming- and headphone-related news.