Strauss and Wagner TW401 True Wireless Earbuds charging case pairing

Strauss and Wagner TW401 True Wireless Earbuds Review

Strauss and Wagner. Just a couple of newcomers on the audio block, trying to make a name. I’m of course referring to the up-and-coming NYC-based audio company, which is named after the two famous composers. Their website promises products that are durable and comfortable, with a nuanced, immaculate sound.

Today we’re looking at their TW401 True Wireless model. Being Strauss & Wagner’s most expensive offering, I suppose we can consider it their flagship. Let’s take her for a spin.

Strauss & Wagner TW401 True Wireless Earbuds Review

Strauss and Wagner TW401 True Wireless Earbuds box


At first glance, everything about the TW401 screams ‘efficiency’. The box is super small, barely bigger than my phone. It houses only the buds, the case, charging cable and two extra pairs of eartips. I am a little disappointed they skimped on the eartips, considering how many cheap Amazon options out there include 4 or 5 pairs. But that’s a minor complaint.

Strauss and Wagner TW401 True Wireless Earbuds box and accessories

The charging case is also very tiny, and keeps a slim profile, which I love. True wireless charging cases are usually pocket-friendly, but these guys are reallpocket friendly. They don’t bulge… I hardly even feel them in there! I make this point because a lot of wireless buds come with a charging case that is physically small, but still fits awkwardly into a front pocket. But that is not the case with the TW401. The case is minimal and well designed.

Strauss and Wagner TW401 True Wireless Earbuds charging case size


Battery life is about standard, with the box saying 4 hours plus 3 full charges with the case. These buds also support Bluetooth 5, which will give you fewer dropped signals and better transmission overall than the older Bluetooth 4.

Strauss and Wagner TW401 True Wireless Earbuds logo USB C charger

The design of the earbuds matches that of the case: minimal. They are the molded variety, and opt for touch controls instead of any buttons. Pairing was totally painless; the buds started searching automatically as soon as I took them out of the case. Controls were responsive and worked as expected… no surprises there.


Honestly, I love the way these earbuds feel. They’re molded to fit seamlessly against your ear, and after having these in for a while, I didn’t want to go back to conventional wireless earbuds. The downside is that the fit isn’t very secure, although these aren’t marketed for strenuous activity anyway. But they’re the type of earbuds you forget you’re even wearing.

I will say however, that getting the right tip is essential. Without it, the sound quality and stability of the bud really suffers, moreso than other types of earbuds. And I really wish Strauss & Wagner included some foam tips! But the biggest silicone set they provided ended up working alright for me.


When you do get the seal tight, the first thing you notice is BASS. These little guys pack a serious low-end punch. There’s enough detail in the mids and highs to keep from sounding too lopsided, but be aware that the low-end gets first priority.

Strauss and Wagner TW401 True Wireless Earbuds

There’s a little bit of a boost applied to the upper-mid range that brings vocals up front. There aren’t a ton of details in the ultra-highs though, as is typical with true wireless earbuds. The sound signature overall remains thick and punchy, with the vocals jumping out just over the top. For the price, it’s entirely pleasant.

There isn’t much sound stage, or support of aptX to speak of which again, is what I expect from true wireless buds. But at the end of the day, I found the TW401 engaging to listen to, more so when you consider they are only around $60.


The TW401 is a solid all-around earbud, and it’s got a few strong points that put it ahead of the competition in this price range. The fit and build of both the buds and the case is practical, sleek and comfortable. The sound signature, while not full of details,  remains fun and engaging. And it packs a nice heavy punch in the low end.

Pros- Very comfortable, compact, strong bass

Cons- Not much high-end detail, not great for the gym

Find the Strauss & Wagner TW401 here:



Strauss and Wagner TW401 True Wireless Earbuds Review

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