COUMI ANC 860 Review

We’ve got more true wireless reviews for you today at Headphone Dungeon, this time with the COUMI ANC 860. I’ve seen a decent amount of praise going around for these buds so I am curious to see if they live up to the hype. I’ve tested my fair share of true wireless systems for this website, and I’m really clamoring for something different. From what I’ve seen so far, the COUMI 860 looks to be that breath of fresh air that I’m looking for. Let’s dive right in. 

ANC-860 in box

What You Get

  • True wireless earbuds with medium ear tips x2
  • 1x charging case
  • 4x large ear tips 
  • 2x medium ear tips 
  • 4x small ear tips 
  • 1x Type-C charging cable

The tips that COUMI uses aren’t your standard umbrella or other style tips. They’re a special shape that goes along with the unique nozzle and housing of the 860. They might be hard to find in other places so it’s good that COUMI supply a plentiful amount in the box.

Look and Feel

When I look at the ANC860 I see a combination of two different earbud styles. The main body reminds me of Sonys WF-1000x models, with its pill-shaped design and an indented touch-sensitive surface. Then the main housing takes on the shape of that classic Airpod style that’ll be familiar to most listeners. This clash of styles surprisingly makes a solid, single appearance that doesn’t seem Frankensteined together. With this comes the same feeling I get when I wear an earbud of this design. I never feel like they’re entirely secure even though they might actually be. No matter the security, the buds are decently comfortable and should cause any obstruction or distractions from listening. 

Design and Functionality

The ANC860 has a 12.5mm speaker driver which is one of the largest I’ve heard of in any earphone. Most wireless earbuds I find have around 5-7mm drivers, so I am expecting a pretty big sound from these guys. You might be happy to find that the 860 support IPX7 resistance against water and dirt, meaning using these buds for your workouts is much more suitable. The interior design also features three different built-in microphones for each earbud. These support clearer calls, and are essential in providing a stronger noise-canceling system. However, the 860 doesn’t just offer noise-canceling, but also a separate environment noise-cancellation and transparency mode. This makes the ANC860 a hybrid noise-canceling system, which is rare to come by in true wireless form. 

Like a lot of these kinds of earbuds, the ANC860 features touch-sensitive controls that perform certain actions linked to your device. These controls are definitely sensitive and responsive, but there is a short delay in between that provided just enough time to ponder whether my tap had registered. Otherwise, these are decently active controls that won’t give you too many headaches. 



COUMI gives the ANC 860 full Bluetooth 5.0 support for a seamless wireless connection. The pairing was instant and the range has a surprising reach. It’s not stated anywhere what CODECs the ANC860 supports, but the connection quality was consistent throughout my listening. 

Battery Life

With ANC on you’ll get about 5.5 hours of charge, and 7 hours with ANC off. With the charging case that gets extended to 30-40 hours of life depending on which mode you are using. It’s pretty standard for the price point, but should be efficient enough to get you through a few workdays. 


Unfortunately, the ANC860 falls into what’s mainly criticized in true wireless earphones. The stage just isn’t very remarkable. There’s some decent imaging in some areas, especially with hard rock, and electronic music, but it’s lacking any semblance of separation or depth. The 860 mainly falls into that strong stereo “one-sound” that cheaper buds often have. That’s not to say that the 860 doesn’t make good use of your interior headspace, because there is actually some good clarity in that regard. The 860 makes solid use of using its imaging to make big sounds appear heavier, thanks in part to the 12.5mm speaker driver. 

Low End

Impactful bass response is the name of the game for the ANC860, as this earbud really tries to rattle your jawline with a thick and boomy timbre. Bassheads will go crazy for this sound, as it contains all the qualities of big bass response without leaving other bands muddied. Kick drums and bass groves shake your ears and offer a distinct rumble that crawls up your throat at times. 


COUMI should actually be applauded for keeping their mid-range this clean despite the huge bass response. This puts the ANC860 a bit beyond some options in this price range, as instrumentals and vocals appear in respectable clarity, where you get a nice full sense of body.  It’s not the best mid-range I’ve heard in a true wireless, but for this price range, it’s definitely commendable. 


With a touch of thinness, the treble range really starts to show some shape toward the brighter bands. Not that there’s a ton of derail retrieval or sibilance, but the highs don’t get degraded amongst the much stronger low end. They cut through well enough to show some nice sparkle, as well as some tonal smoothness. 


Despite its lacking soundstage, the COUMI ANC 860 excels in big bass and respectably clear mid-bands. It completes a true wireless that turns out to be an enjoyable listening experience that should get you through workday commutes.

The COUMI ANC 860 is available on Amazon.

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