Taotronics Soundliberty 94 True Wireless Review

Taotronics has been making their brand known on Amazon for quite some time. These smaller brands have made some interesting cases in affordable, consumer true wireless systems. The Soundliberty 94 ANC is the latest earbud making the rounds, and I’ve received a pair of my own to review for you. The Soundliberty 94 will cost you only $52.99 and is available through their website and Amazon.

Packaging contents


What You Get

  • TaoTronics ANC True Wireless Stereo Earbuds 
  • 6 x Ear Tips (two are equipped on the earbuds)  
  • 1 x USB-C Charging Cable 
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide


Look and Feel

An important aspect of any true wireless is its charging case. I know that when I buy a wireless earbud, the case isn’t going to take up a bunch of room in my pockets. I’m happy to say that the Soundliberty 94 has a nicely compact charging case. It’s pill-shaped and can be stored nicely in your pocket, comfortably sitting next to other items like your keys or wallet. 

The earbuds themselves are also quite sleek and sport a consistent pattern. The face of the shell is smooth and uses its surface to perform touch gestures. The ear tips all come in red, completing a more stylish aesthetic. Although the pieces are lightweight, the material used to make up the build feels a bit rudimentary. Considering the price, this isn’t the biggest issue, but it does make me worry about durability and longevity.  Otherwise, the Soundliberty 94 is a great size and fits well. 

Earbud housing

Design and Functionality

One of the features Taotronics is boasting with the Soundliberty 94 is its immersive clarity and detail. Some of the well known higher-priced brands succeed in this regard, and others around SoundLiberty 94’s price range have surprised me. It makes me more confident in the earbud’s ability to deliver knowing that they feature a 9.2mm dynamic driver, a considerable size compared to most true wireless systems. This driver leaves a lot of room for big imaging and response potential, elements consumer listeners look for in budget earbuds. 

The touch surface is surprisingly fast and responsive, with simple touch gestures that will control playback features and noise-canceling settings. Touching the left and right earbud once will increase and decrease volume, while tapping twice on the right bud plays and pauses the current track. Tapping twice on the left bud will toggle through active noise canceling and ambient mode. The controls are also multifunctional when taking phone calls, with answering the phone only being a tap away. 

In case


The Soundliberty 94 supports Bluetooth 5.1 for high bandwidth and range up to 50ft. It only features AAC and SBC streaming CODECs which is limiting for playback quality. 

Case shape

Battery Life

With ANC turned off, you’ll get a good 8 hours of playtime off a single charge. For listening without noise canceling, this is great for the price, but if you’re going to be using ANC a lot then the buds will only last 5 hours. The charging case offers a total of 32 hours of battery life to juice up the Soundliberty 94, which should get you through a couple of days of back and forth commute. 


For a fifty dollar true wireless, the soundstage is impressive. It leaves a considerable amount of headroom for the imaging to really make an impression. Everything sounds big but composed, and the spatial, stereo imaging provides an accurate representation of tracks. Some elements bloom into the mix, revealing some notable depth that isn’t massive but ample enough to be appreciated. The advertised immersion factor of the Soundliberty 94 is accomplished through solid spatial imaging and a slightly non-linear left/right depth.

Low End

The solid imaging is mainly expressed in the Soundlibertiy 94’s punchy bass and forward low mids. For the most part, it’s quite enjoyable, but for some, the resonance might be an issue. While the bass has some smooth textures, it can bleed a bit into the mids, muddying some of the more low-mid and mid-range elements. 


Even though some of the mid bands can be muddy or recessed, the warmer textures are welcoming for this earbud. For folkier, acoustic tastes, the Soundliberty 94 provides some short wafts of details. Using noise-canceling can restrict the fidelity, even more, but can sometimes go unnoticed.  


Treble isn’t forgotten, but the high-end expansion is still pretty tight. Elements like crash cymbals and high hats are still enjoyable, but the response is thinner than the sparkly textures the earphones try to produce. 


All around, Taotronics provides some enjoyable textures and imaging in the Soundliberty 94. Some of the bands around the low-mids can be a bit muddy, but the smoothness might be distracting enough for you. The Strauss and Wagner TW401 is also a great option for this price range.  Other than sound quality, the earphones don’t provide the most original design, but they are very functional and sport a nice fit. 

Pros and Cons

Pros: Fit, functionality, imaging, soundstage, price

Cons: Bleeding, design, build

The Taotronics Soundliberty 94 is available on Amazon.

Update: If you’re looking for the best true wireless earbuds on a budget, check out our review of the new Strauss and Wagner SW-TW401 earbuds!

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