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Best True Wireless Earphones in 2024

For nearly 20 years, Bluetooth has been a driving factor of so many new models of headphones and earbuds. It seems crazy to think that this technology has been around for that long, but it’s developed in an amazing way that keeps getting better. Today, we take a look at some of our favorite true wireless Bluetooth devices that are available on the market today, from brands you know and love to some you may not know. 

Let’s start by going over what true wireless even is. Is there a difference between wireless and true wireless? Is it something different than Bluetooth itself? Rest assured: the answer is less complicated than you think. Wireless headphones connect to devices via Bluetooth, but there are still wires involved in the make of the headphones. Normally there are wires connecting the left and right sides, and thus a lot of wireless headphones are over-ear and not earbuds. On the other hand, true wireless are also connected via Bluetooth, but instead have no wires in the construction of them at all. It’s truly wireless, surprise surprise! True wireless are only seen in earbuds that come in two pieces, and most of the time only one piece is connected to the device and then the other connects to its pair. It cannot be an over-ear headphone like a wireless headphone might be. 

All that being said, let’s get into the list of some top picks of 2024.

Sony LinkBuds WF-L90 – $179.99

Sony LinkBuds

We’re starting off the list with Sony, a brand known for being a reliable music company delivering quality products. For just under $200, the LinkBuds WF-L90s offer a great sound that is sure to impress. It was easy to pair them to my device, as well as adjust them in my ears for a comfortable listen. Sony has a lot of true wireless earbuds, and all of them were great contenders for this list. An honorable mention would be the WF-1000XM5s, which retail at a much higher price, but the LinkBuds won me over with the way they are worn. The wear on these is in-ear, but not like traditional earbuds. They sit right in the cavum of your ear, resting behind tragus and antitragus to stay in place. It’s a far less invasive wear, and it increases comfort at the same time. Additionally, this style of wearing also opens up the sound profile quite a bit, and the frequency range gets to powerful lows and stellar highs. Adjustable ear fins and customization in the free Sony app allows for a personalized listening experience that is sure to impress. 

Beyerdynamic Verio 200 – $219.00

Beyerdynamic Verio 200

These new releases deliver sound quality that is quite phenomenal. The Verio 200 comes in three different colors — black, cream, and sport — and have the same on-ear design that hooks over the outside of your ear. This different design is definitely intriguing, and it makes them a great candidate for people looking for active wear. However, the sound is what really takes the cake. Between the wide soundstage that open earphones provide, there is excellent clarity and detail across the frequency ranges. I have only one qualm with these earphones, and that comes with the personal fit: they are a bit uncomfortable for people who wear glasses. I couldn’t really find a good way for them to sit for a while, and it caused the mid-range to sound a bit scooped out when they weren’t placed correctly by the ear canal. Once they were placed correctly, the sound was enjoyable and blended into my natural environment. For people who would wear these during workouts or sports, it makes them safer than average noise canceling earbuds because you can hear your surroundings. The user error aside, I think the Verio 200s are a great pair of earphones for athletes and audio enthusiasts alike. 

Sennhesier Momentum 4 – $269.95

Sennheiser Momentum 4

Sennheiser never fails to disappoint with pairs of wireless earbuds. They released many models of wireless earbuds, but the Momentum 4 is a fan favorite that has yet to be beat in my eyes. It comes in near the top of people’s budget, but with the features it provides, it earns a price tag that shows what it has to offer. A long lasting battery life with detailed sound are both things I love in a pair of earbuds, making them an attractive candidate for people who look for those same things as well. I love the way these fit in the ear, and provide good comfort that lasts a long time. Additionally, the sound profile is expansive and rich, with a great low end that kicks hard and high end that floats with ease. They’re easy to wear these and easy to listen to, and so it’s no surprise they’re easy to add to this list. 

Final Audio ZE8000 – $238.00

Final Audio ZE8000

Here I wanted to talk about Final Audio, and this could go one of two ways. I listened to a few pairs of true wireless earbuds from the ZE line, and the ZE8000 was my favorite. Both in design and sound quality, it strayed from the classics. The charging case has a sliding top instead of a hinge to reveal the earphones, and they sport a stemmed design that offers a geometric line as a stylish contour line on your ear. The look, as unique as it is, does not compromise the sound quality at all, and has some fantastic clarity while still remaining distinct and detailed across all frequency ranges. The low end in particular was driving and rich, all without being fatiguing during listening. While the price on this may be daunting, the other models in the ZE line are definitely worth checking out if you want some of that same sound quality. 

Denon PerL – $199.00 (Pro for $349)

Denon PerL

I’m a big believer that more expensive does not always mean better, and I find this true for the Denon PerL and the PerL Pro. The PerL Pro, coming in at nearly $350, offers all the same qualities as the PerL. There are a few added features, such as spatial audio, wireless charging, and a couple more hours of battery life. However, I would argue that the regular PerLs are offering everything you need at a price you can trust. The same great sound quality exists in both earbuds, and I don’t think you are missing out on that quality if you decide to go for the cheaper option. Granted, if those added features entice you, I highly recommend taking a look at the more expensive model. Either way, the Denon PerL offers amazing clarity and comfort, with a sleek circular look and an inner ear fun that ensures security during use. The functionality of these really blew me away, as it was easy to connect to my device and the tap controls were quick to react to my touch. The noise-cancelation on these was also impressive; the change was noticeable and a stark contrast when toggling between passive and noise canceling modes. For people who want effective ANC, these are definitely ones you should consider. 

Bowers & Wilkins Pi5 S2 – $299.00 (Pi7 S2 for $399)

Bowers and Wilkins Pi5 S2

This brand is a favorite of mine when it comes to over-ear headphones, so it only seems right that these made the list of best true wireless. The sound on these is crisp and clear, and the connection is stable between the two earpieces and my device. Aesthetically, I especially like the different colors this model comes in, and it makes for a great accessory that you can show off. Still, the sound is yet to be beat with stunning clarity and impact across the whole frequency range. For me, this is another case of less is more, as the Pi7 S2 is a great model that offers all the same things as the Pi5 S2 and more, but it’s nice to know you don’t have to break the bank too much to get great quality sound. 


After looking at some great options, it all really comes down to personal preference. Do you want something with long battery life, a great bass sound, or comfort above all? Maybe you are looking to be more influenced by style, or perhaps you want a budget friendly option without compromising a good sound profile. Keep in mind: this list shows you some top picks of mine and how I go about choosing earbuds, so it may not line up with how you may feel about them. Perhaps it will influence you to look at other models in a particular brand, but the best way to know for sure is to try them out yourself. 

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