Generation Zero Gameplay Trailer Released

Generation Zero Gameplay Trailer Released

A Generation Zero Gameplay Trailer released by Avalanche Studios illustrates what you can expect from this cooperative survival title.

Generation Zero Gameplay Trailer Released

Generation Zero Gameplay Trailer Released

Dropping earlier this year at E3, Generation Zero allows up to four players to battle teams of robots, while exploring the Swedish countryside circa 1989.

With an emphasis on survival and uncovering a backstory through in-game clues, the plot hinges on players returning to the Swedish mainland from a vacation to find people gone, the world stopped, and machines itching for a fight.

Like any survival game, players will need to loot to stay alive, and the game does allow for weapon customization.  The looting and customization factors seem to play into the day-and-night cycle, as well as the weather system that might affect the performance of weapons or availability of resources.

And while the Generation Zero gameplay trailer released shows us that up to four players can assist one another in a cooperative mode, the game also allows for solo play.

Perhaps the biggest point of distinction for Generation Zero lies in the modular design of your robot enemies, whose armor and structures can be targeted and destroyed piecemeal.  The roving robos are also “persistently simulated” so if you bash one up good but fail to destroy it, the same robot might show up later with some telltale bash-marks.

Encouraging players to use their environment to their advantage, your adversaries can be lured into traps or ambushes.  Different approaches to gameplay – including stealth, feints, and all-out retreat – are encouraged as viable strategies.

Mechanics and premise aside, the visuals offer another enticing facet to an already-impressive package.  From mist-laden meadows and sleepy little Swedish villages, to shadow-soaked underground corridors, the atmosphere smacks of beautiful tension.

In fact, watching this gameplay trailer causes a big ball of tense anticipation to well up inside my chest.  From roving bands of killer robots, to the survival elements and customized weapons, I am already sold on this game.

As for the setting, some folks may find the 1989 setting a bit puzzling.  But as a fan of “futures past” scenarios, as well as Synthwave music, I am excited to see what 80s throwbacks Generation Zero offers.  Plus, what is more 80’s than a countryside survival jaunt that sees you waging guerrilla war against murderous robots?  Wolverines!!!

The fact that you’ll have to wait until 2019 might be a bit depressing, but if the mechanics and UI are as solid as this trailer, I’ll be up to my neck in this stuff come next year.

View the full trailer here:

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