Beyerdynamic Custom Game Review

Beyerdynamic Custom Game Review

Even in the dankest dungeon, a Level 10 Warmage needs some time to kick back and relax. So today I’m taking an extended look at the noise-isolating, bass-adjusting, decal-sporting Beyerdynamic Custom Game headset.

Beyerdynamic Custom Game Review

Beyerdynamic Custom Game Review

Following in the successful footsteps of Beyredynamic’s Custom Series, the Custom Game joins the Custom Studio, Custom Street, and Custom One in offering interchangeable decals for greater personalization. Add to this easily-tailored components like headbands and earpads, and the Custom Game offers a chance to morph a headphone to your personal style.

But is this headphone all flair and fluff? Or does Beyerdynamic live up to its prestigious reputation?


Like all Beyerdynamic headphones, the Custom Game looks like a Beyerdynamic headphone. But let’s say, for argument’s sake, that you’ve never seen a set of Beyer cans before. Then I’d describe these headphones as having large, engulfing cups. This manufacturer offers a refreshingly literal interpretation of what the term “over-ear” should mean. They can be adjusted by sliding the cups in and out of a spring steel headband wrapped inside a cushion-y, leather sleeve. Finding the right setting remains important as these cans do have something of a snug fit.

Beyerdynamic boasts a reputation for minimal designs and using replacable components for sake of structural integrity and simple repairs. The Custom Game is no exception in this regard. In fact, the Custom Game strikes me as even more modular than the company’s best-selling DT 770/880/990 series by sporting a removable cable. The mic featured with the headset is actually fixed at the end of the cable rather than the headphones themselves – a definite plus when taking into account the length and flexibility of the boom mic.

Beyer deserves some due praise for the design and functionality of the mic here. Setting your mic placement is an intuitive and automatic experience thanks to the quality of the gooseneck extension arm. More impressively, the boom mic is attached to the cable, allowing one the option of using a regular headphone cable, converting the Custom Game headset into a more traditional headphone sans mic.

If you’re like this guy and don’t want people hearing you cry after a tough match, you may decide to activate the cable’s mute switch. The cable also has a volume dial and play/pause controls for Spotify or whatever you listen to on your phone. Because – that’s right – the Custom Game headset cable uses a universal TRRS 3.5 jack! This means the headset mic and controls are compatible with your phone! You can now have crystal clear hands-free phone calls while looking absolutely insane on the bus! If you are a PC Gamer you can use a packaged Y-Splitter cable to separate the mic output and headphone-in connectors to match those of your average computer.

Beyerdynamic Custom Game Review


The sound of the Beyerdynamic poopie doopies is pretty darn okay. Anyways what do these headphones sound like i guess you could say they got a little bit a booty. i guess you could say they are muddy when the bass port is on the bassiest setting they are a little muddy even when they aren’t. The brightest setting is too bassless. That one good setting is really good. These headphones lack super highs. They feel a little subdued in the brighter brights. Overall, Pos.2 is the way to go.

Beyerdynamic Custom Game Review

There are four fixed bass response settings that can be affected by an individual slider on each ear . The difference between position 1 and 4 is actually quite striking.

Beyerdynamic Custom Game Review

Final Thoughts

This may be my favorite gaming headset available, since they double as a quality set of intro-to-audiophile cans. I’d buy themWould I say that I’d consider using these over the ATH-M50x? I don’t actually see why not. Besides the greater isolation that the Custom headphones provide, their sound signatures aren’t even wildly different (with the bass port slider at P2). The level of quality offered in either headphone is about the same. The Custom Game cans are gonna cost you a bit more because of the the super-cable that converts them into a powerful headset.


Design:  Closed Back, dynamic driver
Headphone Frequency Range:  5-35,000 Hz
Nominal Impedance:  16 ohms
Connections:  1 x 3.5mm mini jack plug for console (TRRS)
2 x 3.5mm mini jack plugs for PC
1 x ¼” adapter (6.35 mm)
Lenth and Type of Cables:  1.6m (5.2 ft) cable with remote control for console
0.8m (2.6 ft) Y-extension cable for PC use
Sound Pressure Level:  96 dB

Pickup Pattern:  Cardioid
Microphone Frequency Range: 30-18,000 Hz

Weight:  282 g (without cable)

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