Timesplitters Property Rights Acquired by Deep Silver

Timesplitters Property Rights Acquired by Deep Silver

As outlined by a press release from Koch Media, the Timesplitters property rights have been acquired by Deep Silver.

Timesplitters Property Rights Acquired by Deep Silver

From Deep Silver’s Twitter account:

“It is with great pleasure that we today announce the acquisition of the cherished video games series Timesplitters and Second Sight. Full details will be revealed in due course.”

Released back in the 2000’s, the Timesplitters games were first person shooters for PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Xbox.  These games remain known for a lauded multiplayer mode that impressed users and reviewers alike. Developed by Free Radical Design, gameplay hinged on surrealistic elements, self-deprecating humor, and a time-traveling plotline.

Timesplitters games received development from former teams working on Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, undoubtedly contributing to the titles’ collective success.  Although comparisons between the different games note some similarities, Timesplitters managed to tap into new audiences.

Indeed, despite somewhat-cartoonish character design and stereotypical character classes, these games still managed to offer a breath of fresh air to a stale FPS market.


Timesplitters Property Rights Acquired by Deep Silver

Screenshot from Timeplitters 2, showcasing now-outdated graphics.  


Owned by parent company Crytek, Free Radical Design ceased to exist in 2014, after its most substantial assets were sold to Koch Media, a German company. Both Koch Media and Deep Silver (it’s video game publishing entity) are owned by THQ Nordic.

Comments from Koch Media CEO Klemens Kundratitz offer hope to long-time fans of the series. “We have many fans of the ‘Timesplitters’ series among our own staff who are passionate about creating a product that will thrill todays gaming audienc,” Kundratitz stated in a recent press release.

As of yet, no detailed plans appear “on the table” for the Timesplitters franchise.  However, it would make sense if we saw an updated re-release with current graphics. Such a release might provide a soft-reboot for the series, while still tapping into the near-cult-like following acquired by the original games.

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