New Fortnite Patch Announced

New Fortnite Patch Announced

Fortnite freaks rejoice! A new fortnite patch announced by Epic Games will arrive tomorrow, August 23.

New Fortnite Patch Announced

New Fortnite Patch Announced

Put on your most expensive skin and build yourself some cover – a new patch for Fortnite is upon us.  Update v5.30 may include the previously-teased Rift-To-Go feature, allowing folks to discover, drive, and deploy a Rift.

Despite trying to keep things under wraps, Epic’s plans for the patch still leaked – revealing new skins for characters and gliders.  Including an alarming Panda skin that has me questioning some things about myself.

This update comes on the heels of last week’s v5.21 update that introduced Soaring 50s and the Sniper Shootout facelift.

In addition to the new Heavy Sniper weapon, there’s the addition of a “More Cowboy” emote.

Week 7 challenges arrive on Friday August 24.

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