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Geekee G750 Review

There’s a lot of fish in the sea and there’s a lot of wireless earbuds sitting in backstock. One of many is the bluetooth wireless line offered by Chinese tech company Geekee. The cheapest offering from their series is the G750. Is it a pair worth getting or just another forgettable offering in the wireless sea?

What You Get

The G750 comes with the basic necessities, a charging pod and cable, three pairs of rubber tips in varying sizes, and some documentation. Additionally, they also come with an 18 month warranty.

Look and Feel

The Geekee G750, and the rest of the buds in their line, feature a block body design. I particularly like this shape, as it fits quite snugly into the typical folds of an ear and it’s quite hard to dislodge. Geekee advertises their buds as appropriate for working out and I think this design is great for that. They insert through modular tips allowing you to choose the best size for comfort. The buds sport a red Geekee logo on their otherwise blackbody, so while they aren’t the most flamboyant pair of earbuds around, they do have a little flash.

Geekee G750 out of pod

Design and Functionality

The Geekee G750 boasts a touch sensitive surface for control purposes. They are very responsive and work well but they don’t offer as many commands as I’ve seen in some other models. While I’m not missing the more obscure commands, not having the ability to control volume with the buds themselves is a noticeable annoyance. They are easy and straightforward to pair with any bluetooth device and feature a different set of commands for when you’re on a phone call, should you be paired with your phone. One of their most touted features is their IPX7 waterproof rating, meaning you should be able to dunk these things into your sink without any problem. Here at Headphone Dungeon we take the manufacturer’s word for such extremes, but these earbuds can definitely handle any sweat or rain that comes their way.


The Geekee G750 uses Bluetooth 5 and standard codecs. Their connection range is 25-30 ft.


The Geekee G750 has 28 hours of battery life, four from the buds themselves and another 24 in your charging pod. While there are longer lasting earbuds out there, they do boast a very impressive charging rate. If your buds die it will take them about ten minutes to be back at full charge. 

Geekee G750


For a forty dollar pair of earbuds, the G750 has a remarkably wide stereo image. Truth be told, I rolled my eyes a little when I read their marketing material touting a “powerful surround sound” because I’ve just come to expect certain things from low cost earbuds. But I can admit when I’m wrong. The stereo imaging on these is remarkable and honestly belongs in a higher price range.


The lows on these buds are probably their strongest range of the frequency spectrum. They are surprisingly defined, with adequate boom and growl. They have more low mids than most earbuds I’ve tried out, which is a nice change of pace, but it can make some mixes sound a little muddy.


As I mentioned the G750 features a fair amount of midrange, including the low mids, which often feels missing in earbuds. This makes for a warm sounding tonal quality that is only further accentuated by the highs.


It might be more accurate to say the lack of highs. They are there of course. Like any other earbud these go up to 20kHz. There just isn’t a lot of presence or definition from the high end. The G750 falls firmly in the warm category and is not what you’re looking for if you go for brightness. 


The Geekee G750 has a strong showing at a low price point. They are comfortable, sturdy, and boast a good sound, provided warmth is what you’re after (they are similar to the SkullCandy Jibs in many respects except for sound profile, if that’s a major factor). If you’re looking for a pair of earbuds for your workout these should rightfully be considered. 


Find the Geekee G750 at Amazon Marketplace or their own website

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