Boltune True Wireless Earbuds Review

I would have no purpose in life if I didn’t have a cheap model of true wireless earbuds to review every day. Luckily, my boss threw another pair my way this morning. The Boltune True Wireless Stereo Earbuds. At $44.99, will this TW model stand out from the crowd? Or will I be forced to throw them in the pile of other crappy earbuds I’ve reviewed over the last year? Let’s find out in this Boltune True Wireless Earbuds Review.

Boltune True Wireless Earbuds Review

IN the BOX


The Boltune may look like all the other copycat airpods you’ve seen online. But in terms of fit, I’m a huge fan. These well contoured earbuds easily pop in the ears, providing a snug seal and decent sound isolation. No fiddling or adjusting required to get the right sound. No frills, no bull$%^#. Just a secure fit. I’m relieved; I almost killed myself yesterday after reviewing the Otium PowerPods.


Controls and Functionality

Using the buttons on the earpieces, you can play/pause, adjust volume, skip tracks answer/end calls, reject calls and redial. These buds will also let you activate Siri. Unfortunately, she’ll only speak to you in Chinese. I also appreciate the fact that Boltune employs buttons instead of touchpads, which can often be too sensitive or unresponsive.

These buds will also allow you to pair one earbud at a time, which some people prefer when making calls.

Battery Life and Charging

The Boltune True Wireless Earbuds offer a whopping 40 hours of total charge, and 6 hours of playback in a single use. This beats a lot of higher priced models from major brands. So, I’ll give it props.

The other nice feature is the USB-C connection, which means a faster charge and longer lasting product. (The older micro-USB design can easily damage). You can get a full 40 hour battery life after just 90 minutes of charging.

Boltune True Wireless Earbuds employ USB-C connection for charging.

Call Clarity

Surprisingly good. Not only did the caller sound clean, but the microphone was sensitive and reasonably high quality as well.



These buds pack some powerful bass oomph. And though there’s not a ton  of grip here, the bass feels pretty controlled for a true wireless model this cheap. Pop sounds fast and punchy, while the low end lends some nice warmth to rock tracks as well. Hip-hop fans should also enjoy the the sub-bass response on these buds. In terms of detail, Boltune does an okay job too, considering the price. String instruments reveal some grain and timbre. And for 45 bucks, I really can’t complain.


Vocals sit a little forward in the mix, giving pop tracks a dynamic feel. By you will hear a little low-mid range presence as well, giving rock tracks a relatively full bodied feel. As with many warm sounding headphones in this price range, the BoltuneTrue Wireless doesn’t offer the cleanest sound I’ve ever heard. But if you like a lush and meaty profile, these earphones should do the trick.


The Boltune True Wireless leans on the darker side. As such, the higher frequencies are less than sparkly. You will get a little crispness with respect to percussion in this range. But you won’t hear too much extension here. So, if you’re looking for a light and bright sound, keep looking.


The very forward leaning bass can sometimes suffocate the stage. So, especially in tracks that involve a heavy bass, the soundstage feels quite insulated. But you will feel a little height, even though instrument placement overall feels less than precise. Again, considering the price, let’s give these things a break.


Pros: Warm and fleshy sound signature; great call quality; long battery life.
Cons: Could sound a little cleaner for the price.


Punchy bass, warm and full sound, great call clarity, long battery life. Listen, the Boltune earbuds are almost perfect for the price. At least, they’re certainly not garbage, especially when I compare them to the countless other true wireless earbuds I’ve reviewed in the past. That being said, the Boltune True Wireless could sound a little cleaner. At least a little. I always bring up Strauss and Wagner when I’m reviewing a true wireless model in this price range.; their SW TW-401 is the cleanest sound I’ve heard from a true wireless model under $60. So, if you’re a stickler for clarity, you may want to look those up as well. But anyway, good job, Boltune. You deserve a golf clap.

You can find the Boltune True Wireless Stereo Earbuds for the best price here:


Update:  If you’re looking for the best true wireless earphones on a budget, check out our review of the new Strauss and Wagner SW-TW401 earphones!

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  1. The fit and sound quality are exceptional, I was really pleased with the buy. However, I’m now extremally disappointed, my Boltune’s only lasted an-hour after being fully charged, the next thing I know I’m hearing “Disconnected.”

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