Final Audio A5000 Review

Final Audio A5000 Review

Final Audio proves time and time again that you don’t have to spend an inordinate sum of money on your IEMs to get quality sound. The new A5000 is an example of this fact. Selling for just $279, audiophiles may be pleasantly surprised by the performance of these earbuds. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from the A5000.

In the Box

Final Audio A5000 IEMs.

2 pin detachable silver-coated cable

Soft Rubbery Carrying Case

5 Pairs and Sizes of Type E Ear Tips

Eartip Case

Ear Hooks

Final Audio A5000 with ribber case and tips and ear hooks included

Look and Feel

These matte-black angular IEMs have a stealth Batman-like quality. Despite being incredibly light, they have a solidity to them. The thick silver cable (3.5mm termination) with 2-pin connectors also feels high quality, making the entire package simple, yet elegant in appearance. The fit felt comfortable and well sealed, providing effective natural sound isolation in the process.

Final Audio A5000 Angular Design

Final Audio A5000 Matte-Black Finish and incredible light


Relatively new to the A series is the f-core DU dynamic driver (6mm), which employs brass front housing and is deigned to improve sonic performance. Final Audio has also been able to achieve a much lighter IEM in addition to an enhanced transient response.

Sound Impressions


In classic Final Audio fashion, these A5000 present a shiny and sparkly profile, adding to the perceived color of the soundstage. You’ll hear very accurate imaging, perhaps more impressive in height than it is in depth. Certainly, gradations along the vertical axis are precise and contribute to the overall multidimensional feel. And although you don’t hear too much behind the head, you can clearly feel forward sitting instruments. And for the price, it’s probably one of the more immersive soundstages you’ll experience.


The mid-bass is fast and punchy without smacking you in the face. At the same time, the lower bass registers have tons of impact and you can feel the sub-bass in your chest. Double basses have impressive resolve, communicating a very clear and natural timbre. And already in this range, you can hear the speedy transient response; bass instruments are tight and well defined with plenty of grip.


This upper mids are slightly favored over the low midrange. But the high mids avoid any harshness. Rather, they beautifully highlight vocals and acoustic guitars, handling them delicately and allowing them to glow. Percussion really snaps in the mids too. And the separation is fantastic, even in the low mids. There’s a leanness to the sound overall that lends itself well to the lively and luminous character of the mids.


A little extension in this range. Percussion is super crisp, and at the highest treble, brass instruments can almost become uncomfortable at times. But unless you’re playing to a lot of Miles Davis, you be spared any pain. And on the flip side, you’ll get tons of sparkle. Vocals are gorgeously light and buoyant with breathy resolve. And acoustic and funk guitars convey that ever present tightness that characterizes the sound signature.


The A5000 offers a classic Final Audio sound signature with far more skill than you would expect for the price. A vibrant soundstage highlights the fast and glittering character of these IEMs, along with a gripping, punchy bass and floating highs. Putting my my personal love for this IEM aside, one can objectively say that the A5000 is truly talented in its performance.

You can find the Final Audio A5000 at Audio 46.


Driver: 6mm Dynamic

Impedance: 18 ohms

Sensitivity: 100 dB/mW

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