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xFyro ANC Pro Review

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Grooving to your favorite songs while working out or taking a walk is an incredibly relaxing activity. Many people rely on headphones to enjoy their tunes, but some models can be too large and uncomfortable for extended sessions. Thankfully, high-quality earbuds can save the day due to their much smaller size.

There are numerous products available, but xFyro ANC Pro rises above the competition with several cutting-edge features.


AI-powered ANC (Active Noise Cancelation)

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The most notable feature is the ANC. It enables you to customize your music by preventing unwanted noise or interruptions. Whether you’re traveling on a train or working in your office, you can listen to your tracks without disturbances. 

Once the Transparency Mode is activated, the algorithm can filter out over 6,000 different sounds. The AI determines which noises need to reach your ear and which ones are better left out. As a result, you can enjoy your music without being oblivious to your environment. The earbuds will allow critical sounds to pass through, including sirens, alarms, and voices addressing you, to keep you aware of your surroundings.


Comfortable and Easy to Use

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The ANC Pro is ergonomically designed to fit your ear without causing pain or irritation. It conforms to the natural shape of your ear, allowing you to insert it easily without using too much force. The gadget also stays firmly in place and won’t fall out during intense workouts. 

In addition, the controls are easily accessible and convenient, and you can play your tracks with just a single touch. Another neat addition is the access to digital assistants. Through Google and Siri, you can perform numerous activities, such as making calls, browsing the web, and sending messages.


Graphene Build

Noise-suppressing technology and an excellent design aren’t the only novelties in these earbuds. They also use graphene for the speakers, one of the thinnest and strongest materials in the world. It allows them to deliver accurate amplification and vibration without degrading or distorting the audio. As the material is a nano-particle, it’s suitable for true wireless products that require tiny and powerful speakers. 

The seven-millimeter graphene drivers provide a louder volume than most other earbuds. The audio is cleaner across a broader range, and the bass beats are thicker. What is more, the graphene construction helps ensure the speakers last for quite a while. 


High-capacity Battery

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Many true wireless earbuds can only provide around two or three hours of playtime. But that’s not the case with xFyro ANC Pro

The manufacturer installed a high-capacity battery that can last up to 10 hours per charge. The carrying case also contains an extra 90 hours, amounting to 100 hours of continuous music. Therefore, the earbuds outperform most similar models, which usually come with between 24 and 50 hours of battery life. 

Furthermore, the gadget can last long even while the ANC AI is Active. This mode isn’t too limiting, giving you about eight hours of playback.

Damage-resistant and Waterproof

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The ANC Pro is shockproof and reinforced to safeguard against damage caused by regular wear and tear. The product is also buttonless and sealed to avoid debris or dust exposure. 

Moreover, the earbuds feature the IPX5 rating, meaning they can cope with virtually any weather condition, from drizzle to heavy rain. Intense sweating isn’t a threat, either, making them perfect for the gym. 

The Epitome of High Performance and Optimal Comfort

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Despite being tiny earbuds, the ANC Pro can pack quite a punch. The Transparency Mode immerses you in your tunes and can still help you stay on top of the events around you. Considering the battery, high comfort levels, and protective seals, the device is an excellent all-around product. 

To get more information about the ANC Pro, go to xfyro.com

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