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Strauss & Wagner SPW301 Wireless Sport Earbuds Review

Strauss & Wagner is a New York-based newcomer to the audio industry. They have only a handful of products; all of them budget-friendly and aimed squarely at the consumer market. The SPW301 is a wireless sport earbuds with minimal, black-and-white styling and a $49 price tag. Let’s get right into it.

Strauss & Wagner SPW301 Wireless Sport Earphones Review

strauss and wagner spw301 wireless sport earbuds earphones accessories


I like the look of the Strauss & Wagners. They are all black except for a white stamped logo on the outer surface. They opt for the ‘lanyard-style’ construction, which can be hit or miss for many people, myself included. But the build quality seems solid, and the earbuds themselves are made of metal. So there’s little chance of breaking these, unless you drop a dumbbell on them. The back of the earbuds are also magnetized, so they stick together. This is a pretty useful design that lets you clasp the earbuds around your neck when you’re not wearing them.


The fit of the SPW301 confused me at first, but is actually simple and effective. The use a standard, canister-style housing with a big silicone hook to secure the fit. I was expecting to put the earbuds in, then give them a twist to secure the hook. But they actually work better if you put them straight in, almost ignoring the hook altogether. At most, you’ll have to give it some slight rotation or maybe a tap of the finger to get the hook behind the fold of your ear.

Once I got used to it, I found the fit very secure and still comfortable. The ambient noise-isolation isn’t great, but it does have an IPX4 waterproof rating which should withstand a sweaty workout. The battery life is also an above-average 8 hours on a single charge.


The sound quality is about what you’d expect from a $49 workout earbud. The bass is thumping, that’s the good news. The SPW301 brings the enthusiasm, but not so much detail. But if all you need is a bassline pounding in your ears for the next set, these should work well.

The midrange actually brings vocals forward a bit, and manages to make things very present-sounding. It may not have a ton of resolution, but for $49, the SPW301 focuses on the absolute essentials: the vocals and the bass. Don’t expect a whole lot high-end detail though, or anything resembling a soundstage. But hey, if you’re working out, the straight-ahead audio assault might actually be a good thing. Hip-hop, electronica and heavy rock are the genres that seem to work best; anything adrenaline-pumping. Classical or jazz? Not so much.


Physically, these earphones are rock solid. The fit is comfortable, the battery life is strong, and they seem pretty durable. For $49, I’d expect them to last for a long time. The sound quality isn’t amazing, but it does manage to bring you all of the essentials. The bass is strong, and the vocal midrange is clear and present. Overall, a solid buy for $49, as long as you will primarily be using them for workouts or other sporting activities.

Pros- Solid build, secure fit, good bass, 8 hour battery life

Cons- Okay mids/highs

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Strauss & Wagner SPW301 Wireless Sport Earphones Review

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