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Linsoul TinHifi T4 Review

TinHifi has only been releasing headphones under that name since 2017, but it’s been plenty of time for them to build a good reputation in the audiophile world. With a clean sound signature that matches their all-steel aesthetic, the entry-priced T Series has been TinHifi’s claim to fame.

The T4 is the latest and most expensive addition to the series, and in some ways, a return to basics. Lacking the extra drivers and the extreme frequency extension of the previous T models, the T4 uses just one 10mm dynamic driver for its 10-20,000 Hz range. And with an upgraded cable and higher impedance, how different does this entry sound?

TinHifi T4 Review

TinHifi T4 box and case


Before I get into it, I should mention that I’m a huge fan of TinHifi’s style. So I’ll be singing high praises. Their packaging is classy, the cables are good quality, and the earbuds are heavy, stylish, and minimalist. None of that changes with the T4. Honestly, the packaging alone for some of TinHifi’s stuff makes the buds seem way more premium than their price would suggest.

The T4 comes with 6 different pairs of eartips, but only 1 pair of foam. The cable is silver-plated and seems thicker than the previous T series cable, with only a two-strand braid. And of course, there is the faux leather case. Fancy, but too big to be portable.

TinHifi T4 upgraded cable

The cable has memory wire for over-ear application, although the earbuds don’t really feel designed for it. The fit is great, but I wish the earbuds sat closer to my ear like a molded pair. Somehow the interplay between the memory wire and the shape of the buds at the MMCX connection never felt totally settled for me. But this is only something I noticed when taking them out or putting them in. After some prolonged listening, you forget the earbuds are even there.


The T4 have a level of cleanliness and fidelity that reaches far above the $109 price tag. In fact, I think my only real complaint about the sound is that the foam tips bring out the best of it, and there is only one pair included. Luckily, the foams fit me alright, and I was able to squeeze that extra mileage out of the T4.

TinHifi T4 eartips


The bass is on the leaner side, which is why I’d recommend using the foam tips. But there’s still a fair amount of warmth and clarity to the low end. The response is clean and precise. For heavier tracks like rock and hip-hop, I did find myself wishing for just a little more oomph from the ultra-lows. But the clarity of the sound makes up for the lack of thickness as long as you don’t mind this type of sound signature.


As is usually the case when the word “clarity ” is being thrown around, the low-mids get less emphasis than the high-mids. The upper midrange is really where the T4 shines. Vocals are forward, with that edgy upper-mid emphasis that gives everything a little extra crisp. This tuning enhances separation and midrange detail especially. Dense tracks sound very clear and satisfying, especially when multiple guitars are involved.

Vintage-sounding tracks are rendered with clarity as well, but this was another instance where I felt the T4 could’ve benefited from some more bass. Older tracks typically have a mellower sound that can use some extra punch, but the T4 remain totally faithful with their reproduction.


The highs are extremely detailed and pristine. And honestly, for just around $100, I expected way less resolution than the T4 provides. Similar headphones in this price range can start clipping in the ultra-highs, or otherwise fail to represent the sounds properly. But the T4 perform commendably in the high-end. There isn’t a whole lot of extension going on, but the highs that are present are accurate and pretty clean.


The soundstage also deserves a mention for being pretty great. The center feels wide, and there’s plenty more space than I expected for the price. Instead of the sound coming straight up the center, it feels more like listening to external speakers. There’s a sense of being surrounded by the music, and its awesome.


Overall, I really can’t knock the T4 for much. TinHifi has learned and improved significantly since the release of the T1. With these and the recently released P1 Planar Magnetic In-Ears, I’m excited to see what TinHifi could do in the mid-level price range. But for $109, the T4 is an excellent choice. You might not love ’em if you need a lot of bass, or a punchier sound. But if you like clean representation and an immersive soundstage, you can’t go wrong for the price.

Pros- Crispy clear sound, great soundstage, great value and snazzy looks.

Cons- Lean bass, not very punchy.

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