Shozy Form 1.4 Review

Shozy Form 1.4 Review

Shozy’s Form 1.4 is one of its newer IEMs and a successor to its popular predecessors. I had the chance to review the Form 1.1 recently and was impressed by the sound quality for budget In-Ear Monitors. The Form 1.4 resides in a higher price bracket than its predecessor ($200) and promises an even better Hifi listening experience. Today, I’m going to put that to the test.

shozy form 1.4 IEMs out of the box

What’s in the Box

  • Shozy Form 1.4 IEMs
  • Carrying Case
  • Assorted Ear Tips (grey memory foam, white flanged silicone, black silicone)

shozy form 1.4 carrying case

Look and Feel

The Form 1.4 comes with the necessities, which I enjoy. You get the IEMs, a carrying case, and various foam and silicone ear tips for differences in the sound signature. The design is sleek, featuring a marble-patterned backplate. The small details, such as a carbon patterned ring where the headphone cable diverges, look great and add to the aesthetic of the IEMs. The Form 1.4 fits very well in my ears and is incredibly light, I had no problem wearing these. The cable itself does feel a bit rigid at times, but that’s a slight nitpick.


[body] (Specifics about technical aspects, focus on highlights if that’s more relevant)

The Shozy Form 1.4 has a frequency response of 20 Hz – 20 kHz and an impedance of 19 Ohms.

Form 1.4 with cable


The From 1.4’s soundstage is in a good neutral space between wide and narrow. I don’t feel like the sounds are surrounding me from every direction, but I also feel that they still have great room to breathe. The From 1.4 also puts great emphasis on spatial details and reverbs. There’s an airiness to it that I enjoy a lot. The isolation is nice on it too, which helps with dynamics and immersion.


The low range on the Form 1.4 is supportive and tastefully balanced. One of my biggest problems with the Form 1.1 was its weaker bass response, and Shozy made sure that the Form 1.4 could offer a better response while still maintaining its tasteful sound signature. While there is a noticeable boost in the low-mids, it provides a necessary boost that doesn’t usually disrupt clarity.


The mids on the Form 1.4 are incredibly neutral. While there is some slight tuning, this is only to mitigate harsher frequencies. The mids act as a nice symbiotic bridge between the lows and highs, organically bringing out the timbres of both. That being said, it isn’t surgical and does bring out some of the lows, but it never feels artificial. Overall, I was very impressed with the midrange on the Form 1.4.


The highs received some noticeable tuning, however, this is to enhance the sound. They provide crisp detail and accentuate the airiness of the imaging. Reverbs and cymbals sound especially good on the form 1.4. While not meant for references and not perfect sounding, I was pleasantly surprised with the highs and I think they added a lot to the sound character.

Close up of the shozy Form 1.4's housing


I was impressed by Shozy’s Form 1.4. While not the perfect reference monitor, it’s still a solid offering from Shozy and a great addition to any listener’s collection. For its price, the Form 1.4 is very good and I would highly recommend trying them out if you’re looking for a more balanced IEM.

You can buy the Shozy Form 1.4 at Audio46

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