RHA TrueConnect vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Review

RHA TrueConnect vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Review

Finally, true wireless technology is starting to sound good and work reliably. But the great ones remain expensive. RHA and Samsung are two of the few brands that offer solid quality true wireless earbuds under $200. And many reviews have already been written about both, the Galaxy Buds and RHA’s TrueConnect. So, this review is for the folks who are already familiar with at least one of these models but can’t pull the trigger. Which true wireless model will suit your needs and listening style? Let’s take a look in this RHA TrueConnect vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Review.

RHA TrueConnect vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Review


Both earphones provide a good seal and remain comfortable after long periods of use. And I wasn’t worried about either of these models falling out of my ears. But if I had to bet my life on which earphones were more secure, they might be the Buds. That little ergonomic rubber tip that sits in the contour of the ear seems to make a big difference.

RHA TrueConnect vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Review

RHA TrueConnect vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Review

RHA TrueConnect vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Review


Features and Functionality

In this case, RHA doesn’t discriminate between Android and iPhone users. Regardless of what kind of phone you have, the TrueConnect offers the same functionality. Play/pause, call activation, track skipping and voice assistant are all available through the buttons on both earpieces. In contrast, the Buds require certain Galaxy apps to take advantage of all the functionality, such as volume. That being said, if you are able to download these Galaxy apps, you’ll have more functionality than the TrueConnect offers, like equalizer presets and ambient mode. Another nice feature employed by the Buds but not offered on the TrueConnect is the automatic pause; when you take the Buds out of your ears, the music stops playing. But with the TrueConnect, you have to press the button on the earpiece to stop the music. And that’s another 2 calories you’ve gotta burn.


The TrueConnect wins in this department, providing a total of 25 hours of use versus the Buds’ 13 hours of battery life. At the same time, the Buds offer 6 hours of use before having to charge while the TrueConnect give you 5 hours before you have to put them back in the charging case.

Both earbuds use a USB-C connection to charge.

RHA TrueConnect vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Review

Bluetooth Version

Both earphones support Bluetooth 5.

Call Clarity

I thought that the TrueConnect would win in this category because of the stems on the earbuds, but the call clarity on the Buds was just as clear. And both earphones perform above average in this department.



If you like your bass deep and fat, the TrueConnect will give you what you’re after. The lows on the TrueConnect have a lot more presence than they do on the Buds. That being said, the bass on the Buds had sufficient punch to make pop sound fun. And the tightness of the bass on the Buds lends itself well to fast, funky tracks. Furthermore, the Buds offer a cleaner bassline with more detail, especially with respect to acoustic instruments. The separation is very tidy on the Buds, making the TrueConnectr’s low-end feel undisciplined in comparison. But if you like a lot of warmth in your rock and pop-rock tracks, the rich low-end on the TrueConnect will certainly deliver.


Both earphones offer presence and good balance in the midrange. But the Buds show slightly more emphasis in the upper mids. As a result, the vocals on the Buds sit further forward in the mix. For some, this balance can be hard on the ears at times. So, if you’re sensitive to harshness in the upper midrange, the TrueConnect is a more forgiving choice. But again, the Buds present a cleaner sound, while the bass frequencies on the TrueConnect bleed into the lower-mids. For example, on the TrueConnect, guitar strums in the low-mids suffered from what is technically termed, “mushiness.” In comparison, the Buds conveyed well separated and delineated guitar notes. And the Buds offer a more intricate presentation of acoustic instruments in general.


The Buds have a brighter sound signature than the TrueConnect. As such, you’ll get more crisp and sparkly highs from the Buds. And this characteristic really adds to the snappiness of pop tracks. In contrast, the highs on the TrueConnect are a little more rounded and less glittery. But for this reason, the TrueConnect is also easier on the ears. And if you’re sensitive to sharpness, it’s a safer bet. But if you listen to a lot of string instruments in this range, you just can’t beat the transparency of the Buds.


No competition here. The Buds present a more spacious and multidimensional soundstage. Instrument placement on the Buds sounds more precise. And overall, it offers a richer and more colorful soundscape.


If you’re a fan of pop, hip-hop and rock, you’ll love the juiciness of the TrueConnect’s lows. However the sound signature is not as versatile as the Buds. And if you appreciate a clean sound and and ample detail when listening to acoustic genres like folk and classical, the Buds are more skilled in this respect. Still, if you’re an iPhone user, you may want to avoid the Galaxy Buds, as they don’t offer full functionality to Apple kids.

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