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Jomo Trinity Review

When I visited Can Jam NYC this past February, I only was able to stay for about an hour. During that hour, the most memorable product I listened to was the Jomo Trinity. But of course, the conference floor doesn’t have the best listening conditions. So now, I got a chance to spend some more quality time with the Trinity. This is a gorgeous, innovative hybrid design. So does it sound as good as it looks? Let’s take a closer look with this Jomo Trinity Review!

Jomo Trinity Review

In the Box

-Jomo Trinity IEMs

-detachable 2-pin cable with 3.5 mm connector

-silicone eartips

-two-flange eartips

-3.5 mm to 6.35 mm adapter

-airplane adapter

-cleaning tool


-cylinder carrying case

-big, zipping carrying case

-documentation card


Look and Feel

best iems jomo trinity

The Jomo Trinity has an absolutely gorgeous look. It sports a bright fuschia/purple color. Additionally, it has gold, “Jomo” and “Trinity” logos on the earpieces. The earpieces have weight to them when I held them in my hands. As a result, they feel strong and durable. Lastly, they sport a brass nozzle which holds the eartips.

Comfort and Fit

Jomo Trinity Best IEMS of 2019

The earpieces of the Jomo Trinity have a large size and a unique shape. Jomo calls the shape “semi-custom” because it follows the shape of the ear and has a close-to-custom-IEM look to it. I was pleasantly surprised by the comfort and fit of the Trinity because although they are large and I have smallish ears, the length and angel of the nozzle made them fit easily in my ears. Additionally, the IEMs didn’t touch my ears at all, and rather were held in place by the eartip and the ear hook of the cable.


jomo trinity best audiophile iems

The silver-plated copper cable of the Jomo Trinity connects to the ear pieces via 2-pin connectors. They have two braided conductors per side. The cable has an individually insulated litz design. Additionally, the cable sports ear hooks which are bendable, but return to their shape when you let go of them. The cable terminates to an unbalanced 3.5 mm connector. This connector has an “L” shape which helps with strain relief.


The most innovated part of the Jomo Trinity is its driver and crossover system. Trinity features seven drivers in total, but has three different transduction types: electrostatic, balanced armature, and dynamic. One dynamic driver is dedicated to the low frequencies. Four balanced armature drivers are dedicated to the midrange and high frequencies. Finally, two electrocstatic drivers are dedicated to the ultra high frequencies. The phases of all three driver types align via Jomo’s special Cross Sync Uniphase technology.


Low Frequencies

The low frequencies of the Jomo Trinity are AMAZING! Sub frequencies have emphasis on the Trinity. As a result, these IEMs have a wonderful sense of extension. However, some other IEMs with this kind of 3D feeling sometimes lack focus and tight punchiness. Not the Trinity! It maintains its sense of tightness so it can reproduce the entire length of kick drums and the full body and notes of bass synth. It does all this while maintain a sense of separation between instruments that take up the same space.

For example, when I was listening to Lady Gaga’s song Diamond Heart, the kick drum sounded subby and punchy and groovy! It moved serious air. However, the sub bass/synth created this wonderful three-dimensional extension, while maintain strength and structure.

Middle Frequencies

The middle frequencies of the Jomo Trinity are even and full. The low mids and the middle part of the midrange have a similar quality as the lows because even though they feel super full, they also have a wonderful sense of spaciousness and separation. They have a sense of harmonic complexity, and thus are able to properly recreate the timbres of rich instruments like guitars, strings, pianos, and horns. Additionally, the high mids of the Trinity sound like they have a little bit of a boost right around 4 kHz. As a result, vocals tend to take a step closer to the listener in the mix, while maintaining their feeling of fullness and body.

For example, when I was listening to the song No Dad by Taylor Hollingsworth, the crunchy electric guitars and bass were able to maintain a sense of fullness, along with a sense of separation and clarity. While the guitar sounded a bit more textural than normal because of the high-mid boost, it was still able to feel big and bold and thick. Additionally, Taylor’s vocal took a step forward and was a little bit louder in the mix than normal. However, it maintained its body so that I could hear the chest alongside the details of the texture in his throat.

High Frequencies

The high frequencies of the Jomo Trinity are even and harmonically complex. They have a feeling of audible air alongside a feeling of air in general. As a result, they really stretch out the feeling of length and height of rich jazz cymbals, textured percussion instruments, and breathy vocals. Additionally, it sounded like the Trinity had a bit of a boost right around 12 kHz. As a result, it had wonderful separation and nuance, while also giving mixes a modernity that other IEMs I’ve heard don’t do as well.
For example, when I was listening to the song I’ll Show You by Justin Bieber, his vocal had emphasis on his breath. However, this breathiness was able to maintain separation from the bright and wispy synths, giving all of the instruments a beautiful shine. I typically don’t like to use this word, but I felt a sense of crispiness to the music, and it made it feel more detailed and specific for the genre in an aesthetically pleasing way.


The soundstage of the Jomo Trinity was REMARKABLE! For this entire review so far, I’ve described a feeling of spaciousness in each area of the frequency spectrum. This spaciousness provides a wonderfully dimensional sense of width and depth. The sense of depth brings vocals closer to the listener, giving it a feeling of intimacy. This intimacy contrasts beautifully with darker instruments that are set further back in space. But the most impressive part of the depth is that between the two extremes of the intimate parts and the super far away parts, is specific placement for the instruments in between. This same quality came through with the sense of width. Hard panned instruments contrasted strongly with middle panned ones. However, the spaces in between the extremes had a sense of accuracy and nuance, giving life and emotional impact to mixes that utilize panning as an emotional tool. Lastly, the sense of height was exaggerated due to the low frequency extension and the high frequency airiness. And like the other dimensions of the soundstage, instruments landing in between those extremes had specificity to their placement.

For example, when I was listening to the song I F by Lafemmebear, the intimate vocal contrasted strongly with the far off melodic synths. Additionally, the emotional impact of the wide synths entering around the chorus felt expansive and spacious!


Overall, the Jomo Trinity is a truly unique IEM! It has a beautiful look and a feeling of spaciousness across the entire frequency spectrum. I particularly liked these IEMs for pop, hip-hop, rock, and indie music!

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