Focal Reveals Clear MG Open-Back Headphone

It wasn’t very long ago when the Clear MG Professional was initially announced. It released and we reviewed it here on MajorHiFi. However, the French manufacturer isn’t done just yet. For this new model, Focal has ditched the “Professional,” and what that means has yet to be discovered. Whatever these new open-back headphones have to offer, it’s sure to feature class-leading quality, with exceptional style and comfort.

These new headphones boast upgraded performance thanks to magnesium dome drivers. After more than three years of research and development, our engineers chose this new alloy which – combined with the dome’s ‘M’ shape – gives the headphones even greater lightness, rigidity, and damping: the three success factors for any speaker/headphone driver.

The light and flexible surround also provides better dynamics and greater bass impact. The sound reproduction is even finer, with even greater precision and impact, creating a strikingly realistic sound.

The new grille has a honeycomb ‘M’-shaped design that more closely follows the curves of the driver. The more open design allows for a wider soundstage, while the reduced space between the driver and grille enables even more precise high-frequency reproduction.

Clear Mg headphones stand out first and foremost for their look. With their Chestnut and Mixed-Metal finish and their fine materials (leather, aluminum, microfibre), the headphones are extremely elegant. The new honeycomb grille on the earcups is a design highlight: not only does it increase the perceived value of the headphones; the more open structure contributes to the upgraded sonic performance. Finally, their perforated microfibre earpads offer enhanced opening and comfort.

Acoustics are also exceptional: the full-range drivers with ‘M’-shaped magnesium dome provide even more dynamic sound rendering, particularly in the low frequencies, and more detail across the full spectrum. Meanwhile, we have preserved the neutral sound signature that was so popular in the Clear.

The Focal Clear MG is available at Audio 46.

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