Ferrum Has Announced a New Hypsos Dual-Outpt, Goldsound Wandla, and Erco GEN 2

New Products from Ferrum Audio
Shipping next month: HYPSOS Dual-Output Power Supply
Power WANDLA and OOR with one HYPSOS. Or, power any two devices that have the same voltage requirements. HYPSOS Dual Output is a streamlined and less expensive alternative to the Ferrum Power Splitter. 
MSRP: $1,395
Now available: WANDLA GoldenSound Edition
Alternative firmware version of WANDLA developed in collaboration with Cameron Oatley of GoldenSound. Featuring 3 additional modes: tube emulation, bass boost, and spatial enhancement
MSRP: $3,295
NOTE: Online sales of WANDLA GoldenSound are restricted. See price list for full terms.
Now available: ERCO Gen 2 DAC/amp
Same price, new and improved design. ERCO now features a superior I/V converter stage derived from WANDLA, improved maximum resolution, and several new implementations on the Serce platform that better emulate the performance of the flagship DAC. And yes, Gen 1 ERCO units can be upgraded to Gen 2.

Get all of these products and much more at Audio 46.

Read more at the Ferrum Website.

Read our info about the GEN 1 Erco.

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