Dunu Falcon-C Review

Dunu Falcon-C Review

Dunu has become a well-known brand when it comes to high-quality IEMs for relatively affordable prices. The Falcon-C is one of Dunu’s top-selling IEMs on the market. What can the company offer for around 200 bucks? Let’s find out in this Dunu Falcon-C Review.

Dunu Falcon-C Review

IN the BOX

Dunu Falcon-C Review


No problems here. You can expect a good seal with effective sound isolation. The shells are relatively small, and although they are more edged than smoothly contoured, I found them quite comfortable. The Falcon-C also comes with a freqload of eartips to choose from, Spinfits included. So, even the fussiest of ears shouldn’t have issues with fit.

Dunu Falcon-C Review Dunu Falcon-C Review


The Falcon-C houses a single 9mm dynamic driver, and it employs a silver-plated copper cable with MMCX terminations. Though Dunu boasts customized enlarged MMCX plugs, perhaps for easier detachment, I found the connectors pretty tough to pull apart. It’s times like these when I wish I had man-hands. On the flip side, the cable looks thick and super sturdy for the price. The Falcon-C is Hi-Res Audio certified, meaning that it is skilled enough to get optimal sound from high-resolution files. These buds are also very easy to drive, and even the deafest ears should get enough volume from these puppies. Careful kids!

Dunu Falcon-C Review Dunu Falcon-C Review Dunu Falcon-C Review



Being a well-balanced headphone, the low frequencies offer a versatile sound. Pop has ample bass punch, while remaining tempered enough to avoid drowning the mix.  And there’s enough sub frequency response to do justice to hip-hop. Listening to rock, the low end provides a pleasing warmth, even if it lacks the clinical precision of a more neutral IEM. And moving to jazz and classical, acoustic instruments are conveyed with enough detail and resolve to warrant the price tag.


The Falcon-C offers a pretty even midrange. Because the low mids are given equal love, those who appreciate a full-bodied sound when listening to rock and pop-rock will gravitate towards this sound signature. At the same time, the level of separation is impressive, creating a clean layering of instruments even in complicated arrangements. Listening to folk, acoustic guitars felt natural and precise, despite the fact that there’s a softness or tenderness to the sound. Listening to classical, strings in this range conveyed depth and color, giving the sound a warm and majestic feel.


Because the highs avoid brightness, this IEM offers a fatigue-free listening experience, perfect for those who tend to play music for long stretches. At the same time, there’s enough high frequency extension and to lend a bit of snap to percussion instruments. But you won’t get too much sparkle in this range. Transparency was decent when listening to violin solos, though the texture aired on the smoother side.


A spacious soundstage with nice sense of dimension for the price. There was enough precision in terms of imaging to convey varying degrees of height and depth. So, you will get a somewhat 3D feel from these buds.


The Falcon-C is a great bang for your buck. Beautifully balanced and full-bodied with great separation, these buds are extremely pleasing to the ear and provide a versatile sound signature. A perfect first buy for the budding audiophile.

4 skulls

Four skulls means almost no complaints. If the MMCX connections were a little easier to detach, I might have awarded 5 skulls.

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