Beyerdynamic Lagoon vs Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless Review

When I first reviewed the Beyerdynamic Lagoon, I concluded that it was the best wireless ANC headphone I’d tested under $400. But then Sennheiser’s Momentum 3 Wireless came out, and I was blown away. To be honest, both headphones do certain things incredibly well. But they’re very different with respect to the sound signatures they produce. Which profile will suit your tastes and preferred genres? And which model win in terms of design? Let’s take a look in this Beyerdynamic Lagoon vs Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless Review.

Beyerdynamic Lagoon vs Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless Review


Although the earpads on the Momentum 3 are thicker, the fit on the Lagoon is a little looser. That being said, the earpads on the Momentum 3 are longer. So, if have particularly large ears or you’ve reached your golden years, the Momentum 3 will probably give you more room to grow.


Controls and Functionality

We’ve got the Lagoon’s touchpad design versus Sennehsier’s buttons. Call me old-fashioned, but personally, I usually prefer good ol’ buttons because touchpads tend to be overly sensitive. But I have to say, the touchpad on the Lagoon feels precise and responsive, though not overly so. Also, I tried the touchpad with gloves on. It worked! So, my friends in Minnesota need not fear the winter.

In terms of functionality, you can expect all the standard controls, such as play/pause, track skipping, call answering/ending and voice assistant activation. But both models also throw in a couple of extra bells and whistles. Both models, for example, allow you to toggle between two callers. The Momentum 3 also allows you to automatically redial the previous number. And both headphones also let you to fast forward and rewind through tracks.

Extra Features

Both models have accompanying apps that give you a little added control over your sound. For example, the Momentum 3 Wireless comes with an equalizer, while also giving you the option of adjusting the strength of your ANC. Furthermore, the Momentum 3 turns on when you unfold them and then turns off automatically when you fold them back. But this feature can be deactivated through the app. You will also be using the app to install future firmware updates.

Though the Lagoon doesn’t come with an equalizer, it does offer a hearing test and then adjusts the mix to make up for any hearing deficiencies. 

Call Clarity

I tested a couple of calls with my colleague. The mic seems to be more sensitive on the Momentum 3 Wireless, as my colleague said that my voice came out clearer and felt closer than it did on the Lagoon. That being said, the caller on my end sounded more intimate on the Lagoon, while the Momentum 3 made the voice sound like it coming from stage. But the call clarity on both headphones is superior to most ANC wireless cans I’ve tested, including the Sony WH-1000XM3. So, I wouldn’t base your decision on this category.

Active Noise Cancellation

The active noise cancellation on the Momentum 3 was more powerful than it was on the Lagoon. However, if you find the ANC on the Momentum 3 a little overkill, you can tone it down on Sennheiser’s accompanying app, as mentioned above. And in the same way, the Lagoon also allows you to adjust ANC strength from the side of the earcup.

Battery Life and Charging

You can expect about 25 hours of usage from the Lagoon, though some users have stated that the playtime is a little less if the ANC is turned up to max. In contrast, the Momentum 3 Wireless only delivers 17 hours of playtime before having to recharge. And the Momentum 3’s relatively short battery life is the only real shortcoming I could find about these cans.


The Lagoon is slightly more portable than the Momentum 3 Wireless.



The low-end on the Momentum 3 annihilates the bass on the Lagoon. It’s just much heavier and more forward leaning. So, if you have an aversion to bass, the Lagoon is probably a safer bet. That being said, the Momentum 3 comes with an equalizer. So, the low end can be tempered. In terms of transparency, Beyerdynamic wins. Listening to acoustic instruments in this range, the Lagoon reveals a lot more texture and presents a more natural timbre. In contrast, the Momentum 3 delivers a much richer and smoother feel. So, even though the Lagoon may give a more realistic presentation of classical instruments, the Momentum 3 gives them a grander and more majestic flavor. And similarly, when listening to rock tracks, the Momentum 3 gave off a much warmer feel.


A similar balance in this range. The lower half of the midrange is slightly recessed compared to the more forward leaning upper mids. So, vocals shine through the mix on both models. Still, the low-mids aren’t completely absent, so both headphones deliver a nice amount of body. That being said, if you’re looking for the most vast and expansive feel, definitely go for the Momentum 3. And we’ll talk about why  in the soundstage department, below. But in general, the Momentum 3 presents instruments with tons of thickness, while Lagoon sounds thinner and more precise. So, if you’re going for a more neutral feel, the Lagoon is a good choice. And in terms of separation, there’s no question that the Lagoon is the cleaner sounding headphone.


The Lagoon has more extended highs. So listening to pop tracks, percussion will sound more crisp and snappy on the Lagoon. That being said, if you’re easily fatigued by high frequencies, the Momentum 3 is a much safer bet, as you won’t experience any sharpness. And again, the contrast in weight and color between these two models is undeniable in the highs as well. Listening to female vocals, the Momentum 3 presents a thick and velvety sound, while the Lagoon is much more delicate and neutral in its presentation.


The Momentum 3 Wireless wins hands down in this department. The soundscape is just so much more vast and imposing than the relatively compact Lagoon. That being said, because the separation on the Lagoon is so great, it instrument placement feels very precise. So, in terms of dimension, both headphones will give you a relatively holographic listening experience. 


Both headphones are superior to their most famous competitors in terms of sound quality and call clarity. That being said, if you want the most transparent and neutral sound, I recommend the Beyerdynamic Lagoon. However, if you want a particularly rich and robust feel with a massive soundstage, you’ll find the Momentum 3 Wireless a lot more fun. The ANC is also more effective. And considering the Momentum 3 Wireless gives you creative control over your balance via the accompanying app, it may also be the more versatile choice in terms of genre.

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