Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro Review

I’m starting to have nightmares about true wireless earbuds. There are so #$%^!*^ many being released, and my boss keeps throwing them on my desk for review. So, if you’re a consumer looking to buy your first pair, I imagine it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the options. Anyway, what do we have here today…The Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro. What, if anything, sets these buds apart from the countless others? Let’s take a look in this Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro Review.

Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro Review

IN the BOX

Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro box contents


No problems here. The seal is snug with good sound isolation. And I appreciated the added security provided by the ear fins, which fit in the contours of the ear. You’ll also find tips and fins of various sizes in the box. And given the IPX4 water resistance rating, I’d trust them for long runs and other sweat inducing activities. Get your minds out of the gutter. What kind of $%#hole does the deed with headphones on?

Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro earbuds come with rubber fins for a more secure fit


Controls and Functionality

Using the buttons on the earpieces, you can expect the standard functionality, including play/pause, track skipping, volume control, call answering/ending and voice assistant activation. You can also customize these controls via the accompanying Soundcore app. I like the fact that Soundcore has gone with good ol’ buttons instead of touch sensors, which tend to be too sensitive and less reliable in terms of control.

Battery Life and Charging

The Liberty 2 Pro delivers 8 hours of playtime and an extra 4 full charges in the case. In total, you can expect 32 hours of use before having to charge the case. I should note that this beats a lot of higher priced true wireless models made by more famous brands, such as Sony and Sennheiser.

The Liberty 2 Pro takes 2 hours to fully charge using a USB-C cable. USB-C is preferable to Micro-USB, as the connection is sturdier (and can be flipped either way), and the charging time is faster. The Liberty 2 Pro can also charge wirelessly using any Qi-certified charging device.

Soundcore Liberty 2 Earbuds in the charging case

Call Clarity

The call clarity is one of the more impressive features of the Liberty 2 Pro. No only did the caller sound very clean, but the mic was sensitive without inviting too much ambient sound.

Supported Hi-Res Codecs

AptX for Androids, but no mention of AAC for iPhones.

Extra features

The Liberty 2 Pro comes with a Soundcore app that not only gives you control over the equalizer settings, but also conducts a hearing test and personalizes the sound based on your sensitivity to frequencies and any hearing deficiencies.



A deep and punchy, almost visceral bass takes center stage in the mix when listening to pop tracks. And if you’re a fan of hip-hop, you’ll appreciate how damn subby these buds get. In fact, if you have an aversion to bass frequencies, the Liberty 2 Pro may not be for you. But if you like a warm sounding rock track or a majestic classical piece, these earbuds are ideal.


The upper mids get a little more attention than the lower mids. As a result, vocals have a some extra presence in the mix. At the same time, since the bass is so warm and heavy, you’ll still get a full-bodied feel. In terms of clarity, the level of separation isn’t bad. Guitar strums have solid definition. But don’t expect too much in terms of substance. Listening to some classical pieces, strings revealed more smoothness than texture.


Though the Liberty 2 Pro leans on the darker side, you will still get some snap in the high frequencies when listening to pop and funky tracks. And though female vocals in this range don’t feel thoroughly transparent, they have a nice weighty thickness about them that lends richness to song.


Not a bad sense of spaciousness for pair of wireless earbuds at this price point. In terms of instrument placement, you can expect some good height and width. The bass can feel a little suffocating at times, giving the space a more insulated feel. But other than that, few complaints.


Pros: Fantastic call clarity; long battery life; perfect for bass lovers.
Cons: Not great for those with an aversion to bass; no hi-res support for iPhone users.


If your priority is fantastic call clarity on the go, then these earbuds beat almost every higher price true wireless model I’ve tested. The 32 hour battery life is also impressive. The sound quality, however, may not live up to the hype. It’s decent, but not audiophile level, especially since it doesn’t seem to support AAC for iPhone. But all in all, is it a solid deal for 150 bucks? Hmm, looks like you can pick them up $109 now. Yep.

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  1. This is from the FAQ on Anker’s website regarding Codec support for the devices.

    What audio codecs does Liberty 2 Pro support?
    SBC, AAC, and aptX

    So AAC is supported for Iphone.

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