Tinhifi P1 Plus – Commemorative Edition – Review

Tinhifi P1 Plus – Commemorative Edition – Review

Tinhifi released an update to its popular P1 in-ear monitor, the P1 Plus. The Plus features hardware updates and slight adjustments to tuning that take many of the feedback from the original P1 into account. The Plus comes in at $235, making it a relatively lower price for a Planar Magnetic IEM. I’m going to see what sets the P1 Plus apart.

P1 Plus With Cable Overhead

What’s in the Box

  • Tinhifi P1 Plus Commemorative Edition IEMs
  • Tinhifi Case
  • Mogami 2381 Coaxial Cable
  • 6 Pairs Silicone Eartips
  • 3 Pairs Foam Eartips

P1 Plus Box

Look and Feel

The P1 Plus looks amazing. Tinhifi kept the same stainless steel housing as the original P1, but adopted a jewely polishing process to ensure the housing maintains its shine for even longer. The upgraded coaxial cable feels sturdy yet still conforms to any shape it needs. The wide range of ear tips allow you to ensure the perfect fit and sound dampening character of your preference. These are very light and comfortable, and feel secure despite their much smaller size.


Tinhifi upgraded the Plus’ Driver immensely from the original P1 in order to give it better dynamic response and clarity. The Plus’ new 10mm Planar Magnetic driver comes paired with a thinner diaphragm in order to give it better resolution and faster response time. The new Ultra-Thin diaphragm utilizes 14 symmetrical magnets in order to reduce distortion.

The Tinhifi P1 Plus has a frequency response of 10 Hz – 20 kHz and an impedance of 22 Ohms.

P1 Plus Triangular Backplate


The P1 Plus has a nice soundstage. The width and panning are average and don’t lean too far toward spacious or close sounding spaces. The width is what you’d expect from an IEM at this price. The dynamics are nice, but the high impedence means that you need to crank the volume a bit more than normal in order for details to come out. The noise cancellation helps bring out subtle details in the stereo field. The Plus hits a middle ground in terms of its soundstage.


The lows on the Plus are subdued. While it’s up to preference, I personally think it could have used more presence for subs. That being said, lower textures like Kicks and subs still came through, more so on songs where they were meant to be primary features of the mix. While not my personal preference, I do see the merits of a more subdued can be a preferred sound for many, and the low end sound great, just softly spoken.


I can tell Tinhifi really focused on getting a natural yet still pleasant response out of the P1 Plus’ Mid range. No Frequencies stand out to me as too harsh and the mix doesn’t crowd between vocals and other elements. Lead instruments have a gentle presence that still gives them the proper stage they need. I would have liked a low-mid boost to give the low end more impact, but that’s a necessary trade-off for having a more true frequency response.


The Highs help characterize the entire sound of the Plus. While it leans towards the brighter side, it does a good job of not overdoing it to the point where the highs become fatiguing. I did hear the occasional harsh high frequency, but only briefly and in no way was it distracting. Overall, this has a good high range for its price.

P1 Plus with Cable


The P1 Plus is a great listening experience. I can get a lot of detail out of these regardless of volume and I can listen for hours without feeling worn out. While the sound profile might not be for everybody, if you want a softer, more detail-oriented sound profile, then the Tinhifi P1 Plus is definitely worth the price tag.



  • Flat Mids
  • Low price tag
  • Clean Planar Magnetic Sound
  • Great build
  • Comfortable
  • Lots of detail
  • Might require an amp for louder volumes
  • Somewhat quiet low end

You can buy the Tinhifi P1 Plus Commemorative Edition at Audio46

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