Status Audio BT One Review

The Status Audio BT One has been making quite a splash online. And since the BT One is so well priced, not to mention cool looking, these cans certainly piqued my curiosity. What can you expect in terms of sound and design? Let’s take a look in this Status Audio BT One Review.

Status Audio BT One Review

IN the BOX

Contents found in the box

I had no problem with comfort. The earpads are soft and pudgy, and the clamping force avoids being too firm. The headband has some nice padding too, which is great news for my balding friends. Of course, the downside to on-ear designs is that there’s little natural sound isolation. So, the BT One is not particularly suitable for noisy environments.  

Status Audio BT One om-ear earcup size

Status Audio BT One Earpad


Controls and Functionality

In addition to the power switch, there are three buttons on the side of the earcup that allow you to control the standard functions – play/pause, track skipping, volume, calls and voice-assistant activation.

Battery Life and Charging

The BT One delivers 30 hours of playtime, which is quite impressive, considering that $100 models from leading brands like Sennheiser only offer about 25 hours. And thanks to the USB-C connection, these cans will fully charge in just one hour. 

Status Audio BT One uses USB-C connection for charging

If you finally do run out of battery power, you can always use the included cable to listen in passive mode.

Call Clarity

Although the caller’s voice came through clearly, the mic is less than spectacular; the caller complained that I sounded muffled. 

Bluetooth Version and Hi-Res Codecs

The BT One supports Bluetooth 5, which is the latest Bluetooth transmission technology. In theory, this should mean fewer dropped signals. And I’ll admit that I experienced no interruptions. The BT One also supports the AptX hi-res codec, which is good news for Android users. No word about the AAC codec, so iPhone users may want to take note.



Lower Frequencies

The BT One delivers a moderate bass response. You can’t call it stingy, but it doesn’t have an overwhelming presence in the track. In fact, it sits quite tastefully in the mix. And I found the bass oomphy enough to give pop and funk music some punch. Listening to rock, the low end also offers a good amount of warmth. But there’s a lightness to the sound in general, which lends itself particularly well to classical music.

Middle Frequencies

In terms of detail, the BT One offers good transparency for a pair of wireless cans at this price point. Violins in this range, for example, revealed enough texture and timbre to make for a realistic performance. The BT One also delivers quite a clean and tidy sound. And again, it has a light and delicate profile, giving music an easy, floating feel.

With respect to balance, the BT One does a classy job. The upper mids avoid too much emphasis, so you won’t experience any harshness. And the low mids, while less apparent, still have enough presence to lend body and fullness to rock and pop rock tracks.

Higher Frequencies

The weightless feel of the sound lends itself well to female vocals in this range. Light and airy, vocal performances are pleasing to the ears. At the same time, these cans avoid becoming bright in the high frequencies. So, you won’t experience any fatigue when listening for long stretches of time. Still, you will get some sparkle and snap when listening to percussion on pop tracks.


Unsurprisingly, you won’t get a vast amount of spaciousness from these on-ear cans. That being said, because the separation is solid, the imaging feels precise enough to give you a nice sense of dimension.


Pros: Well-balanced; tasteful sound signature; long battery life; cute and portable.
Cons: May not offer enough richness for those who like a weightier sound profile.


There’s little to dislike about the Status Audio BT One. Well balanced with a light and easy sound signature, the sound quality is solid for the price. Add to that a long battery life, and you’ve got a decent bang for your buck. They also look classy. However, those who prioritize call clarity may want to keep the mediocre mic in mind before making their final decision. Other than that, no complaints.

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