Rademax P10 Earbuds Review

The Rademax P10 are a pair of earbuds priced at $39.99 on Amazon. The box says they are ‘truly wireless’ and truly, they are. But are they a bargain, or a bad deal? Let’s find out in the Rademax P10 Earbuds Review.

Rademax P10 Earbuds Review


The P10 includes a charging case, micro-USB cable, and 5 silicone eartips. There is also a manual written in questionable English, and instructions on how to win a free $20 gift card from Amazon. Evidently you write a review for the P10, take a screenshot, then email giftcard07@hotmail.com. I didn’t try it,but there are almost 3,000 reviews on Amazon. If everybody cashed in, Rademax would be giving out $60,000 in gift cards.

rademax p10 wireless earbuds box and accessories


The P10 comes with a super-charging case that extends the 4 hour life of the earbuds to around 90 hours; nearly 22 recharges. It can also recharge your phone via USB port. While it doesn’t pack as much power as other super-charging cases, it is significantly more compact. These types of cases don’t usually fit into a front pocket, but the P10 is just small enough to squeeze in.

The earbuds are compact as well, and very light. Both the buds and the case are simple black plastic.

rademax p10 wireless earbuds charging case


Being so light, the earbuds have a relaxed and comfortable fit; it’s easy to forget you’re wearing them. However, they are not very tight or secure. Despite using the largest tips provided, too much talking or yawning was enough to loosen them. For daily usage, like commuting, the fit should be fine. But I wouldn’t workout with these earbuds, though they are IPX7 waterproof. And the looseness of the fit can be detrimental to the sound, which I’ll get to below.


The P10 uses touch controls, and they’re not great. The scheme is intuitive; one tap for play/pause, double tap for skipping tracks, and long hold for volume adjustment. But the controls are not very responsive. Single and double taps get confused for each other, and often fail to register at all. Volume adjustment feels especially clunky. And while I usually appreciate an indicator beep, the one used is loud and harsh.

I almost wish Rademax had gone with button controls instead. They mapped all the controls well, but the lack of responsiveness brought down my experience.

Sound Quality

These earbuds actually have a good sound profile… when the fit is right. But even just a little looseness wreaks havoc on the sound. Bass disappears, and detail becomes distant. But with the proper seal, I found myself impressed. The sound is relaxed, well-balanced, and surprisingly detailed. Even the left-right separation is impressive; a rarity in wireless earbuds. It’s perhaps not as punchy-sounding as some competitors, but I enjoyed the sound overall. Problem is, I was constantly pushing the earbuds back in to tighten the seal. They just didn’t stay tight for me, and the sound quality suffered.

rademax p10 charging case


The P10 are a commendable pair of earbuds with a few key problems that keep them from being great. The case is small and versatile, the sound quality is good, and the fit is comfortable. But the unresponsive controls and insecure fit caused enough issues to drag the P10 down from ‘potential greatness’ to ‘just okay’.

Pros- Balanced sounds, compact case that charges Phone, comfortable.

Cons- Unresponsive controls, fit comes loose and ruins sound quality.

Find the Rademax P10 on Amazon.

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