Noble Audio Falcon Pro versus Sennheiser Momentum comaprison review Feature

Noble Audio Falcon Pro versus Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

Noble Audio’s Falcon Pro entered the bluetooth earbud market with the gusto of their brand’s great prestige and received widely positive feedback. Alongside them at a similar price point, size, style, and reputation is Sennheiser’s Momentum True Wireless 2. After spending some time with the Falcon Pro, I wanted to see how they’d differ from the Momentum 2. The Falcon Pro sells for $329 while the Momentum True Wireless 2 go for $299, putting them at pretty equal footing. Even with all the shared qualities these two sets of earbuds have, I knew that, as always, there’d be major differences in their sonic characters. So which one will better suit your taste? 

Noble Audio Falcon Pro versus Sennheiser Momentum comaprison review with case

What you get

No big differences here: both come with a charging case, charging cable, and ear tips. The Falcon’s metallic blue and black case has a more smooth look and a boxier shape. The Momentum 2 uses a longer case with a lower profile and a grey fabric covering. Unless you’re shopping purely for cosmetics, I don’t think the case is going to judge anyones decision between these two.

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Look and Feel

Both of these have a matte black exterior paired with a shiny metal back sporting the company logo. The Falcon Pro makes perhaps a bolder statement with its blue metal, whereas the Momentum 2 is more sleek with its polished silver look. They’re both great looking earbuds and neither has any real sore spots in terms of appearance. They both have a similar fit in the ear, the Momentum being more round in the back whereas the Falcon Pros are more ovular. This difference would only matter if your ear shape catered more to one than the other, but they should both feel like a natural fit for most. 

Noble Audio Falcon Pro versus Sennheiser Momentum comaprison review Side by Side


These are both true wireless headphones, so there’s no added hardware or wires connecting the two of them. Everything is built in and both can be tapped for play/pause and volume controls and also have a built in mic. Both cases take 1.5 hours to charge, though the headphones themselves have somewhat different battery lives. The Falcon Pro can last for 10 hours of playback at 70% volume, and while Sennheiser sites their battery life at 7 hours, they don’t provide a volume level, so it may last longer. Of course, this is off a full charge. Realistically, you’re probably going to be putting these back in the case between uses and recharging them, so as long as your case is charged you could probably use these all day with just a few short breaks.


These both house dynamic drivers, and neither manufacturer provides an impedence; both did just fine on the volume front for me. I may have turned up the Momentum 2 slightly more than the Falcon Pro, but by a negligible amount. 


The soundstage on both of these does a great job at achieving an expansive, satisfying stereo field. I found the Momentum 2 pushed the center channel slightly more forward, at least in terms of vocals, whereas the Falcon Pro tended to favor wider elements more often. Both had really impressive imaging, especially for earbuds. The Momentum 2 has slightly more instrument separation, whereas I found the Falcon Pro to blend layers a bit more. Some listeners find more instrument separation to0 disjointed, and others find too much blending makes for a stuffy sound. Neither of these headphones separate or blend to an offensive extent. They both keep an appropriate balance between the two, just leaning in different directions. 

Low end

The low end is where these two products start to part ways a bit more. Both have pretty impressive low end response and emit powerful tone with immense depth and a substantial punch. There’s a noticeable bass boost in the Falcon Pros and the Momentum 2, but the areas they boost differ. The Falcon Pro brings out much more of a sub sound whereas the Momentum 2 brings out more punch and low mids. If you want that deeper guttural punch, the Falcon Pro will bring you that and more. If you prefer your low end with a bit less vigor but still some prevalence, the Momentum 2 don’t take their low end response quite as far and deep. 


Both of these have very warm, tranquil mids. The high mids on the Falcon Pro are a bit more softened that those on the Momentum 2. The Falcon Pro puts more focus towards controlling the mid ranges, lending it to a distinctly modern, clean sound. The Momentum 2, on the other hand, gives us a more neutral clean. You’ll find more resonance in the 2kHz-4kHz range on the Momentum 2 than you will on the Falcon Pro. Neither of them, however, are resonance-heavy. In terms of low mids, I felt these were on pretty equal footing. They both stay fairly docile on the low mids, though still keep more prominent than the high mids. They’re definitely both focused on keeping their sound polished, but the Falcon Pro polishes the sound a few steps further than the Momentum 2. The Momentum 2 is better-suited for those who like a bit of edge in their sound, while the Falcon Pro caters more to those who want maximum cleanliness. 


This is probably their biggest difference. Both earbuds have crisp, detailed highs. However, the Falcon Pro is distinctly brighter than the Momentum 2. The brighter high end on the Falcon Pro helps further build its pristine tone. It complements their stronger lows and makes for an overall more airy, wispy tone. The Momentum 2 have a somewhat less pronounced high end. You’ll still get a lot of crisp detail and textural action, but it comes across with more subtlety than the Falcon Pro. There’s a lot of listeners who want a substantial sheen on their sound to give it that extra sparkle, and for them, the Falcon Pro could bee a home run. Others are easily turned off by even slightly above average highs, for which the Momentum 2 may be more appropriate. 


These are overall both very well-built, nuanced, high quality earbuds. They both sound incredible for their price point and will definitely deliver a rich, fine-tuned listening experience. I would say the main difference is that the Falcon Pro seems to have its own distinct articulation of the sound whereas the Momentum 2 is more secretive about its adjustments. This is the general divide I see between a lot of headphones on the market right now. Some carry a signature sound and others like to take more of a backseat with delivering the music. Both the Falcon Pro and the Momentum True Wireless 2 are strong competitors in the bluetooth earbud market, each making their own unique statements.  

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Noble Audio Falcon Pro

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

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