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This design speaks to me. A sleek all-black wireless headphone – the JBL Club One Wireless Headphones look like something our grandkids will be wearing on their hoverbikes – and not only that, the tech behind it proves just as well. 

JBL Club One Front


These headphones boast Bluetooth compatibility, active noise cancellation, and a 2 hour charge time for up to 45 hours of nonstop tunage (25 hours with the ANC). They also have an app that allows one to equalize sound to their preference. Future. They also have some super comfy cushioning for the ears. So long fatigue. 

The JBL Club One’s also feature –

A hard Carrying case

Flight adapter

1 Straight Aux-In cable with mic and remote

1 Coiled Aux-In cable

USB Type C charger

6.3 mm Screw-on adapter

JBL Club One Features



Right off the bat I noticed that although the soundstage was wide, the stereo field still felt confined. This is common in headphones with noise cancellation, but it doesn’t make it right. However, this had little to no effect on my listening. I was grooving to Action Bronson’s “Acting Crazy” because I wanted to see how the low end would do. I was NOT disappointed. 


Full, pumping low end. The catch to this was that it would overwhelm the other ranges at some points, leading to their loss of clarity. Does that mean it wasn’t awesome? Absolutely not. Who doesn’t love bass? Not too overpowering on the ears, nicely controlled. In contrast, there were moments where it blended splendidly with the rest of the song, and in those moments you could see me smile, even with my mask on. 


Fairly well defined, but it lacks body at times. Everything maintains a decent amount of clarity, taking the hefty low end into consideration. Can definitely tell that out of the three, the mids are the least pronounced. Still, it gets the job done as far as shaping goes.


It can cut the eardrum at the right volume, very sharp. It fails to bring any airiness or shimmer to the music, but it definitely displays certain highs in a way that is accurate to the sound, and still enjoyable. I just wish there was a more listener-friendly middle ground in that range, in which case I’d buy them right now. 

JBL Club One Inside


Trying it straight from my phone versus through an iFi IDSD Diablo showed identical results: the JBL Club One’s are a good pair of headphones. Where they lacked in my ears was with  balance of the frequency ranges – the lows were the top dog, the highs were the very sharp second, and the mid-range would fit in between, where it could. I could definitely see myself using these and having a great time doing so, but if I were to recommend a headphone for the same price of $349.99, I would have to go with the HIFIMAN Sundara Planar Headphones. They simply represented the music in a more accurate and sonically satisfying way. That being said though, consider the JBL Club One’s approved!

JBL Club One Wireless Headphone is available at Audio46

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