Letshuoer D13 presents and warm, intimate and natural sound

Letshuoer D13 Review

The few Letshuoer models I’ve tried all share the common elements of a warm, natural and well-balanced sound signature. And the company can deliver some great sound for cheap. Selling at $120, the D13 is one of the most affordable options in Letshuoer’s line-up. What sound profile can you expect from the D13, and how well does it perform?

What’s in the Box?

  • Letshuoer D13 IEMs
  • Various Sizes Silicone Ear Tips
  • Treble Tuning Nozzles
  • Leather Case

Letshuoer D13 Unboxing

Look and Feel

Sporting a circular shell design combined with an over-ear fit, the D13 takes on the hybrid look of an earbud and IEM. Weighing only 5.6g, the ear pieces feel very light. I had no problems with comfort, and the seal provided solid sound isolation. The aesthetic may not scream style; there are snazzier looking shells selling at this price. That being said, they do appear durable enough to be tossed around in your pocket.

Letshuoer D13 have a circular design that is not the typical IEM shape


LETSHUOER D13 features a custom designed 13mm large dynamic driver. This driver has a DLC(Diamond-Like Carbon) diaphragm coil and a N52 neodymium magnetic architecture. The Letshuoer D13 is equipped with a 4-core, 216-strand monocrystalline copper cable that boasts high purity. The cable uses standard 2-pin connectors and provides the user with the option to choose between 3.5mm and 4.4mm termination options when purchasing the D13.

With an impedance of 16 Ohms, I had no trouble driving these buds from my phone. But if you want to optimize your hi-res tracks, a DAC/amp dongle might elevate the resolution. 

Letshuoer D13 can be bought balanced or unbalanced

Sound Impressions:


Surprsingly (and if memory serves me correctly), the soundstage feels slightly bigger on the D13 than it does on the pricier S12. You’ll hear more height and grander stage overall. The sense of the depth is perhaps less impressive, with instruments on that axis mostly falling into the stereo field. But like the S12, the space feels intimate, while also providing enough distance between instruments to create a dimensional and vibrant sensation.


The D13’s bass response is warm, with noticeable oomph on pop and EDM tracks. The sub-bass, in particular, feels quite visceral, delivering significant physical impact in the chest. However, the bass feels more thick and soft rather than tight, focusing less on definition and precision than it does on creating a juicy profile. Despite this, the bass still manages to avoid sounding bloated. And listening to classical music, the D13 provided plenty of texture/detail and weight to the lower strings, conveying a strong sense gravitas.


The midrange on the D13 is clear and well-balanced. Like all Letshuoer models, the presentation feels natural, with pleasing, even handed attention given to both the low and high mids. Vocals and instruments in the upper midrange never sound too forward, so, it’s an easy balance. And as is true in the lows, there’s a soft resolve to the sound that is reminiscent of some of Sennheiser’s sound signatures. And as such, acoustic instruments like guitars and pianos are delivered with tenderness and emotion. However, while there’s a warm feel to the profile overall, the mids often feel a bit recessed; there’s a touch of V-shape here. So those who prefer a thoroughly comprehensive delivery of the mix may want consider a different Letshuoer model, like the S12.


The D13’s high-end continues to be an easy listen. While the high frequencies don’t feel particularly extended, I didn’t get a sense of significant roll-off. In fact, it nicely balances out the character of the lows and provides just enough sparkle without sounding piercing. Is it particularly energetic and exciting in the highs? Perhaps not, but a super dynamic and lively delivery doesn’t seem to be the D13’s focus. Rather, it centers on revealing subtle nuances in acoustic instruments, such a brass and strings, while continuing to present a soothing and gentle resolve.


The D13 provides a warm and well-balanced, crowd pleasing profile. With a rich bass, natural mids, and easy-listening highs, there’s nothing offensive about this sound signature. That being said, those who prefer a more dynamic profile, with pronounced upper mids and sparkly highs, may want to keep looking. But for audiophiles in search of a skillful, entry-level all-rounder, the D13 is a great option for the price.  

You can buy the Letshuoer D13 at Audio 46.


Letshuoer D13

Sensitivity 105 dB
Impedance 16 Ohms
Frequency Response 20 – 20kHz
Driver 13mm Dynamic

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