Klipsch T5 Sport earbuds and cable

Klipsch T5 Sport Review

Klipsch earbuds are often known for their lush, meaty low end and punchy bass. And the brand’s latest wireless model is no exception. Will the T5 Sport’s sound signature suit your ears and preferred genres? And how effectively do they work for running and jumping jacks? Let’s take a closer look in this Klipsch T5 Sport Review.

Klipsch T5 Sport Review

IN the BOX

Klipsch T5 Sport In the Box


The Klipsch fit is so deep that I almost had to regurgitate the eartips. And for those who have trouble with in-ear fit, the oval tip design of every Klipsch model is an almost guaranteed snug seal, regardless of your ear canal size. As a result, the sound isolation is also fantastic, and I almost got hit by an ice cream truck while wearing them. The other thing to note is that Klipsch designed the T5 Sport for working out. And this is the first earbud without any hook or ergonomic ear wing that I would feel safe running with. These buds aren’t falling out. But if you’re really paranoid about them falling loose, Klipsch has also included ear wings for added security.

Klipsch T5 Sport Earbuds side profile

Klipsch T5 Sport Earbud Stem and eartip


Sweat Resistance

The T5 has an IPX4 rating, which means it can withstand significant sweat and some minor splashes. No rubber ducky time with these buds, though.

Klipsch T5 Sport back of earbud shells

Call Clarity

Call clarity is excellent, and there was minimal ambient interference coming from my end.

Klipsch T5 Sport Mic/remote and battery


You’ll get 10 hours of use from the T5 Sport, which is on the higher end of standard for a pair of wireless buds. The T5 Sport employs a micro-USB connection for charging, and the charging cable is included in the box.

Klipsch T5 Sport Micro-USB charging connection

Bluetooth and Codecs

The T5 Sport supports the latest Bluetooth 5, which should means better transmission and fewer dropped signals. And it can also handle high resolution codecs, including AAC and even aptX HD for the lucky Android owners.

Extra Features

Klipsch will soon release an accompanying app, Klipsch Connect, that will feature equalizer control, battery status and firmware updates. But who knows when “soon” will be…


Klipsch products tend to be well-designed. And these buds are no exception, with a sturdy material insulated cable and a solid mic and remote. If all else fails, Klipsch provides 2 year warranty.

Klipsch T5 Sport bundled view from above



Fans of Klipsch will be pleased with these deep and juicy lows. The forward leaning bass gives plenty of oomph to pop tracks, while some nice subbiness comes out to play on hip-hop tracks. That being said, my friends with bass-anxiety might find the low-end to be overkill. Indeed, it’s a heavy sound profile. At the same time, clarity in this range are pretty good for wireless buds at this price point. Listening to the intro of The Beatles’ Come Together, for example, the bassline progression had a decent amount of separation for such a fast note sequence. But fans of jazz may find that their double bass guitars feel a little overweight and lack that natural tone that you would find from a more neutrally balanced headphone. So, pop, hip-hop and rock seem to be the most suitable genres for this low-end profile.


The mids sound quite unusual to my ears; the high mids are quite recessed compared to the very present lower frequencies. So much so, in fact, that certain mixes sound rather different from what I’m used to hearing. Take the verses of Fleetwood Mac’s Everywhere, for example. The track features two rhythm-like guitars. On most earbuds, the guitar in the higher mids has some emphasis. But with the T5, this guitar was barely audible, while the low-end guitar was driving the song. And the percussion in the higher mids failed to come out too. This is not necessarily a bad thing unless you like to hear the entire scope of the mix. In fact, this sound signature makes for one meaty rock chorus. And again, if you like a rich and weighty feel, these buds will do it.


You’ve already figured out that this sound signature leans on the darker side. And while there is a touch of sparkle on certain tracks, those who are used to a nice high frequency extension may find that the T5 has somewhat of a blunted character. On the flip side, this sound profile is super easy on the ears. That is, until you reach the highest peaks on a Miles Davis track, and then it becomes a little piercing. Jazz fans, I gotta say, these buds aren’t for you.


The T5 presents a solid soundstage for the price. You can expect a decently spacious soundscape with imaging that is precise enough to give you a nice multidimensional feel in terms of depth, height and width. In short, it’s holographic enough to add to your acid trip.


If you’re listen across music genres and you’re looking for a balanced and versatile sound signature, you may want to keep looking. But if you’re mainly a fan of modern genres, and you appreciate a bassy, lush and weighty profile, the well built and aesthetically pleasing T5 Sport is a solid deal for 100 bucks. 

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