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Final Audio ZE8000 MK2 Review

The latest iteration of Final Audio’s True Wireless is an upgrade of the ZE8000 earbud. There aren’t many aesthetic changes, but are there enough differences that make these worth the upgrade? Meant to mimic the distinct clarity of IEMs, the MK2 aims to have all these features packaged as a True Wireless system. With the popularity of True Wireless on the rise, it’s easy for users to be skeptical about IEM style sound quality without a wired connection. Moreover, brands seem to all be unveiling flagship True Wireless earbuds one after another. Let’s find out if the Final ZE8000 MK2 can match up to their competitors in the Final ZE8000 MK2 review.

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What’s in the Box – Final ZE8000 MK2 Review

  • Final Audio ZE8000 MK2 Earbuds
  • Charging Case
  • Ear Tips (5 Sizes)
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Acoustic Tool
  • Dust Filters

Looks & Feel

The same minimal styling of the older model comes back with the MK2. Speckled matte black coloring cloaks the case in a presentable way. Also available in white, the ZE8000 MK2  black design goes for a simple yet effective look reminiscent of Brutalist concrete architecture. The sliding case has striking retro futuristic influence, making me feel like I’m listening to a prop from a sci-fi film. Although looks are subjective, there’s very little to be offended by in the way of design. The case feels a little bulkier than other options in the field, but it’s remarkably lightweight and portable. 5 different two-tier eartips mean that users will be able to get a comfortably snug fit. The options right out of the box gives users the confidence that these earbuds will fit your unique ear shape. 

Earbuds in hand - Final ZE8000 MK2 Review

Design & Functionality

The ZE8000 MK2 is powered by “f-CORE for 8K SOUND” ultra-low distortion drivers. They  accurately represent the music through the utilization of Class-AB amplification and PML low-distortion capacitors. In layman’s terms, the capacitors in the ZE8000 MK2 are high quality and the amp is more power efficient than more common Class-D amps. Users can expect a faithful recreation of music, very similar to IEMs. The sound signature, 16 more pixels of digital processing, and the aforementioned features comprise the “8K-Sound”. SBC, AAC, Qualcomm aptX, and Active aptX codecs are supported. Bluetooth 5.2 ensures quick connection time, as well as virtually no delay when gaming or making calls. The companion app also allows for EQ customization and choices from 4 different types of noise cancellation. And they are water-resident, allowing for you to work-out and walk through rain in these.

Case and earbuds


At 5 hours of playtime with a maximum of 15 hours including the case, users may be wondering if the battery life can compete with other True Wireless systems. Granted this estimate is on the lower side, the ways you use ANC and other features will greatly impact battery life on these devices. A 10 hour estimated playtime using companion app EQ settings and ANC will drastically decrease its in-use duration. The 13mm drivers powering the earbuds do sound fantastic, but they also require enough power to give them an average battery life . Although not the leader in the field, I had no complaints with the playtime considering the spectacular audio quality and price point.

Noise Cancellation

Final Audio has upgraded noise reduction in the MK2 by developing a unique algorithm which improves ANC by 32% when comparing the old ZE800 MK1. In an attempt to go further, Final has also redesigned their ear tips to include a shield fin, which improves seal and comfort. This means that users can expect these ear tips to act as a bank vault; there’s no way in or out for their precious noises to escape. A quick walk through Midtown Manhattan left me with good impressions. I wasn’t able to hear much outside noise when making calls and listening to quiet music. The ANC didn’t impact the lower frequencies at all, which is a continuous theme with other TWS earbuds. It doesn’t reduce noise as drastically as the Sony WF-1000XM5, but the characteristic ‘whoosh’ sound was much more subtle and effective in translating music. Overall this is a noticeable improvement from the MK1. It’s clear that Final’s focus on ANC has made the ZE8000 MK2 noise cancellation some of the best in the field.

In-case - Final ZE8000 MK2 Review


The soundstage was outstandingly accurate in recreating the stereo image. Much like IEMs, panning of instruments is noticeably true without sounds competing for the middle of the mix. A quick soundstaging test on youtube made it feel like noises recorded on an omnidirectional microphone were creeping up behind me or floating overhead. The soundstage isn’t particularly wide, but recordings carry their sonic weight without feeling like supplemental reverb is added. Gamers may find the width to be a problem, but as a TWS earbud designed for audiophiles, most people looking at the ZE8000 MK2 will be happy with their accurate sound stage.

Listening Impressions – Final ZE8000 MK2 Review


Lows in the Final ZE8000 MK2 are warm and round sounding. The flat frequency response in these made it pleasant to listen to a wide variety of genres. Bass heavy music does translate exceptionally but the sound profile doesn’t mimic other bass boosted earbuds. “4th Feb” by Alfa Mist demonstrates the responsiveness of the lows marvelously. The mix clearly highlights the upright bass and strings, creating a rich sound which is able to boom at loud volumes. Although the lows aren’t the focus of these earbuds, the bass signature makes these an incredibly versatile pair of earbuds. Quieter genres didn’t boom and pop in the low end, but a bass heavy mix will still give listeners the ‘thud’ they may be looking for.


Final’s ZE8000 MK2 excels in the midrange. The focus and clarity they give is truly beautiful. Their sound signature allows for complex music to be resoundingly warm without sacrificing definition and character. Classical, Jazz, Folk, Bluegrass, and other acoustic genres are resoundingly crisp. Singers are shiny, clear, and distinct. “Piano Concerto No. 2 in F Minor” – Chopin, Krystian Zimerman, Polish Festival Orchestra sounded rich and distinct. No part of the orchestra felt drowned out and high quality recordings translate fantastically well. Each section was dynamic, giving life to complex music with large groups.


Highs in the ZE8000 MK2 are meticulously tuned, creating a wonderful dynamic range above 2kHz. Singers and pop music sounds shiny but not offensively sharp. Like a beveled piece of clear glass, vocalists are transparent but not sibilant to my ears. “Mosquito” by Pink Pantheress is a song that can sound harmonically cluttered between the synths and the vocals. When listening through the ZE8000 MK2, I thoroughly enjoyed how defined everything sounded. I would say that these earbuds are on the edge of brightness. I can’t characterize them as bright, but there’s ample treble in the mix. Beautifully tuned highs allow listeners to clearly hear the attack and definition that they may be looking for.

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Final’s update to their ZE8000 has impressively improved on features, making it an audiophile’s dream TWS earbud. Although highly subjective, I feel as though these earbuds have the best sound signature from any TWS earbud. Fidelity and clarity are a large selling point when considering other options. Given all this, I cannot say they’re perfect. The battery life could be improved, but it’s clearly a trade-off between the sound quality of the 13mm drivers and its demand for power consumption. Overall, these headphones are absolutely worth the money, and will leave audiophiles impressed.

You can buy the Final Audio ZE8000 MK2 at Audio 46.

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