Earsonics Grace Platinum In-Ear Monitors

Earsonics Grace Platinum Review

Earsonics is a French audio brand known for making quality and high end professional audio equipment. The Grace Platinum is Earsonics’ most advanced In-Ear Monitor that they claim to be the culmination of all of their experience and effort. At $2100, I’d expect them not to do anything halfway on the Grace. I’m excited to hear what Earsonics can offer at their peak.

Earsonics Grace Platinum In-Ear Monitors

What’s in the Box

  • Earsonics Grace IEM
  • HR 4 Core Cable
  • Symmetrical 8 Core Cable
  • 2 Pairs Comply Tips
  • 2 Pairs Silicone Tips
  • Cleaning Tool
  • Jack Adaptor
  • Carrying Case
  • Manual

Earsonics Grace Platinum In-Ear Monitors Open Box

Look and Feel

From the moment you open the box, the Grace Platinum is an experience that has been carefully curated by the Earsonics team. Everything looks extremely well made and neatly presented. The myriad of customization options don’t feel overwhelming, rather inviting to try new combinations. The platinum outer shell looks very good and features intricate carvings that serve both aesthetics and functionality; I feel like I’m wearing a piece of jewelry when I have these in. While they are on the larger and heavier side, I don’t feel weighed down or uncomfortable when wearing them. The cable feels better than the average IEM cable, finding the perfect balance between rigidity and flexibility. These are 100% handmade in France and I can tell they put a lot of thought into the design of the Grace Platinums.


Under the hood is where Grace Platinum really stands out. Earsonics managed to fit 10 drivers into each IEM, describing Grace’s sound as “20 beating hearts who play in unison, delivering a melodious and detailed sound beyond your imagination.” Each monitor has 2 low, 4 mid, and 4 high balanced drivers that are all housed in a custom acrylic 3D Heart. These balanced Drives go through Earsonics’ own 3-way HQ impedance-corrected filter which allows for the drivers to achieve separation without sacrificing clarity or sense of blend. Design-wise, Grace Platinum is a heavy hitter.

The Earsonics Grace Platinum has a frequency response of 10 Hz – 20 kHz and an impedance of 26.6 Ohms.

Earsonics Grace Platinum In-Ear Monitors


Grace Platinum has one of the best soundstages I’ve ever heard in an IEM. The stereo field feels scarily real and can transport you to a wide range of sonic spaces. In one moment you feel like you’re right in front of the vocalist in a small room, the next they’re across a canyon, and both feel equally convincing. Everything down to the tiniest part of the mix feels detailed and available for the listener to hone in on at their leisure, but not overly presented. This, coupled with superb dynamics and noise cancellation create a soundstage with near-hypnotic immersion.


Grace has dynamic and controlled lows that come through with astounding clarity and naturalism. Everything hit a really nice balance; songs with aggressive subs and impactful kicks still had power when needed, but Grace really shines in its level of detail at softer volumes. The general sound character of the lows tends toward the warmer side, but only slightly.


The midrange is what gives Grace its impressive details. The frequency response is very flat and transitions seamlessly between treble and bass. I heard so many new aspects of songs that I thought I know better than I know myself. From a buried delay layer to the guitar player’s hands rubbing the strings as they shift positions on the fretboard, everything had a place and I could choose to focus on whatever I wanted.


Grace has great treble response and adds impeccable crispness to the sound. Treble is essential in giving the sound a certain character, and Earsonics knew exactly how to get clear prominent high end without brightening the sound, which is incredibly impressive. Furthermore, the soundstage wouldn’t be what it is without the highs’ sense of air.


Listening on Grace Platinum is quite the experience. I was really impressed with its ability to breathe new life into songs I thought I’d listened to ad nauseam. Every detail is given the same level of care and attention it was given by the original mix engineer. If you’re a serious audiophile or somebody looking to do some deep listening, I couldn’t recommend Grace Platinum more. I can tell Earsonics put everything they had into these, and what they created is really something special.



  • Impeccable Soundstage
  • Detail oriented sound
  • Works well for any genre
  • Extremely durable
  • A bit on the larger side
  • Expensive

You can buy the Earsonics Grace Platinum at Audio46

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