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Campfire Orbit True Wireless Review

Campfire fans have waited a long time for the company to release its first true wireless IEM model. Finally, the day has arrived, and many audiophiles will undoubtedly be hoping for big things with respect to sound performance. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from these earbuds in this Campfire Orbit True Wireless Review.

In the Box

Campfire Orbit earbuds.


3 pairs of silicone 

3 pairs of foam tips

Metal Campfire pin

Campfire Orbit Unboxing

Look and Feel

Although Campfire has decided to go with a relatively unassuming beige for these buds, they still sport a very Campfirey look. The shells are finished with hard angles and are about the size of the Andromeda. The silver nozzle has the classic wide circumference. And just to remind you of their unique Campfire style, the company has made the interior of the case an eye-catching green, again, reminiscent us of their first home-run hitting IEM model. The slim plastic case, along with the earbuds are very light, and they fit comfortably in a pants pocket. The fit is also easy, and even after wearing them for a long while, I didn’t feel any pain or pressure. 

Campfire Orbit green interior   Campfire Orbit earbud size Campfire Orbit Case size

Design and Functionality

The interior of the case reveals four little lights that display the battery life. You’ll also find a tiny button that is used for pairing. Tapping on the right shell will allow you play/pause and skip tracks, as well as answer and end calls. The left shell also allows for play and pause. In addition, both shells will let you to activate your voice assistant. Call clarity is decent, and I didn’t experience any drop-outs during conversations or listening sessions. Battery life is 8.5 hours on a single charge with an extra 30 hours of charge in the case. The earbuds take 2.5 hours to fully charge. The Campfire Orbit employs Bluetooth 5.2 and supports SBC, AAC and Aptx Adaptive codecs. In general, this true wireless model is very simple in its design and excludes any active noise cancellation technology or ambient functionality. Much like Final Audio’s true wireless model, the ZE2000, Campfire seems to have focused its attention on the listening experience. That being said, Campfire has thrown in an accompanying app that gives you some creative control over the balance, in addition to a couple of other features.

Sound Impressions


The Campfire Orbit reveals an impressive sense of space for wireless earbuds. You’ll get plenty of depth (more so than height) with nuanced gradations in instrument placement. Don’t expect the same grandness of soundstage as the more famous wired Campfire models. However, there is undoubtedly a multidimensional feel to these earbuds.


The low-end is thick and warm, much like other Campfire models, such as the Polaris. Kick drums and bass guitars have plenty of oomph. For those who like a very tight, dry sound, the Orbit might not be for you. But listeners who enjoy meaty lows, this sound profile is perfect. And it should be noted that the bass is well separated from the higher frequencies. So, although it feels heavy in this range, the low-end avoids bleeding through the mix. Though the sub-bass doesn’t feel extremely visceral, you’ll definitely hear the subby frequencies come out in true Campfire fashion. 


The midrange paints a pleasing, even balance, reminiscent of the Andromeda. Generous low mids balance out the tempered high mids. So, it’s really easy listening in this range, with a lush, full-bodied feel. At times, the mids have a slightly veiled sound, but again, for those who appreciate a warm signature, the Orbit delivers. And in classic Campfire fashion, there’s still a good deal of punch and speed in the high mids, which becomes especially obvious when listening to lively tracks, like funk. Furthermore, this relatively dark profile doesn’t take away from the solid level of separation, which is apparent even in the lower midrange. Guitar strums sound clean and acoustic instruments in general reveal a good deal of detail.


Given Campfire’s choice to stay away from any brightness, it’s unsurprising the highs feel easy to on the ears. Still, percussion in this range maintains a crispness and even a little sparkle. Transparency is there too. Vocals, for example, have a velvety feel while also revealing a good amount of breath and nuance.


Campfire has delivered the Orbit as expected, with a fun and pleasing sound signature that has made the brand famous. These wireless buds may only approximate Campfire’s wired models with respect to performance, but that’s to be expected with Bluetooth sound. You also won’t see too many bells and whistles in terms of functionality (although it does come with accompanying app), but do expect that classic Campfire feel with the generous low-end and fleshy, punchy profile that the company’s fans have come to recognize.

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