BQEYZ Summer IEM Review

There are more options than ever when it comes to affordable audiophile listening. With the introduction of lossless streaming to mainstream services, it’s become a better time than ever to widen your horizons. Audiophile IEMs are a great place to start, and I’ve been listening to an interesting new model from a company called BQEYZ. Their simply titled Summer model is available for $129, a generous price for seemingly high-end earphones. Is this a good budget option for high-fidelity listening?

BQEYZ contents

What You Get

  • BQEYZ Summer IEMs
  • Carrying Case
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Braided Cable with 0.78mm Connectors and 3.5mm Termination
  • 6 sets of rubber ear tips 

BQEYZ in hand

Look and Feel 

At first glance, the Summer reminds me of a pair of Fiio IEMs, except made from plastic rather than aluminum parts. Otherwise, this design is more or less what you would expect from an IEM at this price range. It sports the same ergonomic design as many audiophile earphones you’ll see from a variety of brands. The shell should be small enough to fit most ears, and the spout big enough to support most tip sizes. It’s also somewhat seethrough. As for the fit, the SUmmer is a comfortable IEM that shouldn’t cause much fatigue. The cavity sits nice and stable in your ear, with a lightweight feel. I can’t see this not being stable throughout hours of listening.



One of the biggest standout features of the Summer is its Piezoelectric driver system. This combination of a 13mm dynamic driver and a single balanced armature aims to deliver a dramatic high-frequency response.

BQEYZ front


I thought the separation was the strongest aspect of the stage here, as all its other attributes come off more average in comparison. There’s a perfectly functional sound field here, and it delivers everything you’d need an IEM to accomplish. The width is suitable for its imaging but never goes past its limit. The SUmmer has a good sense of layering, but it all feels very linear in its grand scheme.

Low End

While the low frequencies don’t occupy as much space, the impact of the timbre is quite powerful. The tone here is an engaging bloom of punchiness and sub-bass lift.  When listening to the Summer you can immediately tell this is the most dominant range of frequency, showcasing more texture and coloration, while at the same time occupying a tighter space where you only get its best attributes.


A warm and clear tonality is welcome in the midrange. The timbre offers a smooth response meant for more intimate performances. You get a natural feel from the mids, and the cut-through even with a neutral appearance. Vocals come out as full, with a layer of crispness nicely emphasized by some more present upper-mid details. Overall it feels well balanced even when handling some extra texture to its timbre.


Considering the Summer has a Piezoelectric driver, I expected a much greater presence of high-frequency detail. There are some crispness and sibilant characteristics to enjoy, but I felt that the Summer lacked some bite here. The tone was just too cold to feel properly enticed by. It’s perfectly digestible but also leaves the frequency response without much character to immerse yourself in.


This is a worthy purchase if you’re seeking a good pair of affordable IEMs, but the Summer would still be far from my first choice. There’s some great competition here from the likes of Kinera and Campfire Audio. BQEYZ is still an interesting brand to look out for, and the Summer might satisfy some of your listening needs.

Pros and Cons


  • Fit
  • Separation
  • Punchy bass
  • Detailed mids
  • Price


  • Bland treble

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