Kinera BD005 Pro Review – Hybrid IEM

Kinera is a brand I’ve had a number of experiences with. Each time I see a pair of their IEMs, I always have to try my best not to be so distracted by their captivating looks and focus on their sound. It’s what’s on the inside that matters…right? They have a fairly wide price range, their universal IEMs going from $1399 all the way down to $27. Today we’ll be looking at their BD005 Pro, which sits on the much lower end of their price spectrum at $49. 

Kinera BD005 Pro Review 2

Looks and Feel

Kinera is definitely known for their IEM’s bold, colorful looks. The BD005 pro is no exception to this. Available in red, blue, or grey, each color is flecked with small gold splatters. They have a smooth, molded ear shape that locks in quickly and are easy to forget about after a few minutes. Kinera will always win on looks, and for the small group of people who buy based solely on fashionability, whether consciously or not, their IEMs are hard to beat.  A carrying case and two extra sets of ear tips are also provided.

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These 3D printed hybrid IEMs feature a 9.2mm Beryllium Diaphragm Driver along with a high frequency balanced armature driver. They use 2-pin 0.78mm Connectors and a 4-core silver-plated cable with a 3.5mm termination. They have an impedance of 26Ohms and a frequency response of 20HZ-20kHz. 

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The BD005 Pro has a slightly above average soundstage that often outperforms its price point. Their wider sense of space creates a considerable level of immersion and their Instrument separation tends to be very successful. At times, they felt over-blended, but not to the point of extreme congestion. These have an overall coherent, amply holographic character. 


The BD005 Pro have a fairly bright high end response, with some noticeable gloss on the top and crisp, snappy detail. Their high end appears to be overshadowed a bit by their mid range, but still cuts through enough to make a statement. There seems to a more colored, saturated character in the highs than an intense, silky smoothness. Detail on these takes precedence over boosting, though the treble definitely has noticeable extension. Vocals at times feel sibilant, but not to compromising levels. 


I had mixed feelings about the mid range on the BD005 Pro. On one hand, it was extremely crisp and offered substantial definition. However, the high mid feels overly extended, and a more resonant character took over the sound signature at times. I’d take off a few DB around 2kHz and 4kHz in order to bring these to their full potential. Their low-mids feel more subdued, and surrender to their more intense high mids. This timbre could be optimal for certain live applications, like vocals, guitar, or strings. However, if using for casual listening purposes, I think their midrange could be further refined to create a more lush, clean sound. On some very warm, subdued mixes, this more pronounced high mid elevates the sound and adds a more up front character. Listening to Hannah Cohen’s “Dissolving,” I felt the BD005 gave me a more up close and personal look at the very liquid sounding mix.


These have a tamed low end that doesn’t beg for attention. Similar to their high end, it excels more in detail and definition than it does in impact. This being said, the BD005’s lows do have versatility and the ability to hit harder, they just need to be presented with the right opportunities. This is not an IEM that will beef up a mix. On Nathy Peluso’s “Celebré,” the BD005 handled the dry bass sounds and various kick drum timbres with a firm tightness and punch. It did not offer substantial sub rumble, but was not devoid of basement frequency response. I wouldn’t recommend these to a bass lover, but their low end is neutral enough many listeners will find it at least sufficient.

Kinera BD005 Pro Review

Final Thoughts

Despite their imperfections, the BD005 still feel like a good deal for $50 and will definitely be many listener’s cup of tea. They definitely fit in with the growing world of lower priced headphones that are climbing closer to their more expensive neighbors. I might recommend these more for live use than casual listening, but they can still deliver a high quality and precise delivery of your favorite tracks nonetheless.

You can order Kinera BD005 Pro at Audio46.

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