The front of the Goin - that is, the part other people will see

Axloie Goin for Sports Review

The Axloie Goin is a sports-oriented pair of wireless Bluetooth 5.0-powered earphones – need I say more? Well, I can say this: though they’re not rich in special features, they do retail at the very comfortable price of $45.99 (hereinafter referred to as “$46”), making this an affordable option for people looking for Bluetooth earbuds at a slightly better price than Airpod Pros.

IN the BOX

– Goin earpods
– charging dock
– short USB-to-microUSB charging cable
– 3 pairs of eartips (S, M, L)
– user manual

All accessories included with the Goin, minus USB cable


The Goin has a sort of interesting butterfly motif going on, reflected both in Axloie’s logo and in the shape of the earphones with their ear hooks as they sit in the portable charging dock.

At $46, one would expect a primarily plastic- and rubber-based construction, and that’s exactly what one gets. Despite that, I think the Goin looks pretty nice, with its tasteful, smooth multi-purpose button and butterfly-shaped earhooks.

The Goin boasts a battery life of 5 hours – not great, but certainly not bad for its price. Its charging dock can also hold about 20 hours worth of battery life. Not bad, but I wouldn’t forget my portable charger when taking these out of town.

Axloie also claims that the Goin is IPX7 waterproof. This means it should be able to survive being dropped in water up to 1 meter. Well, it should certainly protect the earphones from sweat, but I wouldn’t take them for a swim, and Axloie never encourages users to wash their earphones either.

The Goin nestled in its dock


Unfortunately, fit was one of the weak points of the Goin for me. While it wasn’t going to fall out, even upon shaking my head all around, I found that it was mostly the earhook keeping it in my ear, rather than the construction of the earphone itself. If it weren’t for that earhook, it surely would’ve fallen out. I should mention that I have abnormally small ear canals, but even the small tips didn’t work for me.

That said, most people on Amazon have positively reviewed the comfort, so you may not experience the fit issues I did. And again, it’s not like it was going to fall out of my ear canal – it’s just that I’ve experienced better fit with other earphones.

The back of the Goin - that is, the part that goes into your ear.


Given the Goin’s butterfly-inspired design, I found the sound signature to be rather surprising, to put it lightly. After all, a major selling point of the Axloie Goin is the introduction of “up to 30% more bass,” achieved by processing the incoming digital signal. Indeed, compared to the froo-froo high-end audiophile products I was listening to 10 minutes before first booting up the Goin, the bass here was almost unlistenably loud – more than a stone’s throw away from the light and airy sound I would associate with butterflies. Okay, so my preferences definitely run counter to what the Goin provides – but for bassheads, this is great! In my more bass-heavy tracks, the bass was massive and pumping.

My inner audiophile wants to criticize the bass for its loose, flabby texture – yes, it’s a bit sluggish. But it hits hard when it needs to, and if you’re looking for a driving bassline to enhance your workout, you can definitely find that with the Goin.

As for the rest of the sonic profile, I find myself rather impressed with the Goin. Obviously, a lot of detail is lost as a result of that massive bass boost, and it’s never going to deliver anything that I could call “audiophile-quality” sound. But don’t try to make a product into what it isn’t, kids. With that bass boost, I got a new perspective on some of my bassier music, one that I don’t typically get with higher-quality headphones. I even had moments of insight with these things!

Some text from the box: "How to hear your body? Turn on the tunes, Go in for sports, Feel your heartbeats"


Despite some mild comfort issues for me, if what you’re looking for in your sound is thumping bass with no obvious problems throughout the rest of the frequency spectrum, the Goin is for you. At $46, this is quite the bargain, easily giving Beats a run for their money. Check them out! Here, that is. Check them out here.

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