Best Bluetooth MMCX Cable Westone Bluetooth Cable V2

Versatility and Ease – Westone Bluetooth CableV2 Review

This week, I sat down in front of my computer to play Dragon Dogma. To my pleasant surprise, in front of me was the Westone Bluetooth CableV2 on my desk. This Bluetooth cable is new from Westone. It supports both the latest version of Bluetooth (Bluetooth 5.0) and the high resolution codec, aptX HD. For $149, how does it perform? Today let’s take a closer look with this Westone Bluetooth CableV2 Review.

Versatility and Ease – Westone Bluetooth CableV2 Review

In the Box – Westone Bluetooth CableV2 Review

-Westone Bluetooth Cable V2

-portable charging dock with battery

-micro USB charging cable

-user manual

Specifications – Westone Bluetooth CableV2 Review

-wireless codecs: bluetooth 5.0, aptX HD

-connector type: MMCX

-battery life: 4-6 on cable, up to 12 in total with charging dock

-range: 10 m (32 ft)

-sweat/water/dust resistance: IPX-5

Design – Westone Bluetooth CableV2 Review

Physical Build

Westone Bluetooth CableV2 Bluetooth cable for IEMS MMCX

The Westone Bluetooth CableV2 has a simple, matte black look. It has MMCX connectors which then connect to the earhooks. I like the earhooks of the cable because they are a manageable size and maintain their shape. As a result, the earhooks stay easily bent behind the ear. Additionally, following the cable down, there are two plastic pieces. One is the remote/mic, which controls playback and can answer phone calls. The other is a battery.

In fact, the battery is one of the biggest differences between the Bluetooth Cable V1 and V2. The battery holds 4-6 hours of battery life, but can charge on the go by attaching to the charging dock (which doubles its battery life). The rest of the cable is flat and is a super manageable length.

Wireless Connection

MMCX Bluetooth Cable for IEMs Westone Bluetooth CableV2

The Westone Bluetooth CableV2 connected to my music player super quickly and easily. Since my FiiO M7 player supports aptXHD, the cable automatically connected via aptX. Its connection was secure with no dropouts. Additionally, when I used the cable when playing Dragon’s Dogma, I noticed no latency at all with the footsteps, sword slashes, and explosions.


Best Bluetooth Cable for IEMs Westone Bluetooth CableV2

The remote control of the Westone Bluetooth CableV2 worked just as well on my FiiO M7, PC, and phone. The controls on it were easy to find with my hand and were responsive to the touch. Additionally, the microphone had a clear sound for voice and calls. The fact that the Bluetooth Cable V2 is sweat/water/dust resistant is great because it expands the uses of this cable beyond just listening to music for fun or gaming. Rather it extends its uses to workout music listening or work listening (even if you work in a dusty kind of environment like carpentry, for example).

Sound – Westone Bluetooth CableV2 Review

The sound of the Westone Bluetooth CableV2 worked wonderfully! Especially when connected via aptX to my DAP, the sound was especially clear and responsive. I connected the cable to my FiiO FH5 and it did a good job of feeding it a clear signal so that it maintained its dynamic expressiveness. Additionally, it contributed to the earphones solid fit in my ears, making the sound isolation greater. Therefore, the sound was consistently good and comfortable. 

Overview – Westone Bluetooth CableV2 Review

Overall, the Westone Bluetooth CableV2 is a great option for the gamers out there who want a versatile and portable option to listen to their IEMs. Not only are they great for games with low latency, but they specifically designed to work for music listening while working out.

The Westone Bluetooth CableV2 is available for the best price here: 


Bluetooth 5 Cable for IEMs Westone Bluetooth CableV2

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