ThieAudio Hype 2 Review

ThieAudio’s library is large and still growing. They’ve released some great IEMs like the Monarch, and Oracle, Divinity, and some good open-back headphones with the Wraith and Ghost. With each new release, ThieAudio has maintained a standard level of quality no matter the price, and the Hype 2 looks to maintain that standard. These IEMs cost $299, so they’re in that window between budget and mid-budget. Let’s see what the ThieAudio Hype 2 is all about.

What Y0u Get

  • Hype 2 In-Ear Monitors
  • 1.2m 2-pin cable with 3.5mm termination
  • Variety of Silicone and Foam Ear Tips
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Hard Case

ThieAudio Hype 2 single

Look & Feel

In terms of its design, ThieAudio usually offers a pretty design and an ergonomic fit, and that’s exactly what you get with the Hype 2. If you take away its front plate artwork, the Hype 2 doesn’t look any different from its usual output. It has a nice glittery design that fits ThieAudio’s aesthetic, while the shell itself is small and shaped well enough to provide a natural fit. They’re comfortable and fancy-looking IEMs for the price, and I never have an issue wearing them for a few hours.

ThieAudio Hype 2 cable


There’s some interesting technology that ThieAudio has developed for the Hype 2 that will continue to develop with the rest of the Hype series. It consists of dual 10mm dynamic drivers that are apart of their latest Impact Squared design, which is a new subwoofer with an isobaric chamber. Combined with that are two Sonion electrostatic drivers, one of which acts as a supper tweeter.

ThieAudio Hype 2 pair


It took a while for this soundstage to grab me, but it’s quite impressive once it starts to click. At first, I thought it was a bit too linear, like a straight line of sound that is wide but offers little depth or dimension. The more I listened to it, the more the imaging started sticking out. Certain vocal performances were especially brought out by the soundstage, as they began to feel floaty. It’s as if the performance was happening right in front of you, and raised to your forehead. This helps a lot with presenting a more immersive stereo field, as room is made for the instruments and other effects to move around through the mix with a little more grace.  You can feel this in the Hype 2, as sound elements start to move from left to right with height and a good level of wrap-around that expands the headspace of the IEMs a bit. Sometimes the sounds themselves aren’t as tall as they should be, but they always showcase spatial precision and identity throughout the sound signature.

Low End

In the bass, you can definitely feel the subfrequencies grab you from underneath. It establishes a strong foundation, but it also doesn’t overextend itself. Its rumble is solid and controlled. You can feel yourself getting enveloped by its tone, even when it isn’t as pronounced. While this is a fun and playful bass response, everything is presented realistically. It’s never bloated, and the resonance never creates unneeded fog. Each range of bass frequency feels like it’s in true form, and the timbre is clear and articulate.


While most of the emphasis is in the low-mids, the Hype 2 persists with midrange detail across the board. There’s an apparent force in the low-mids that gives a lot of different instruments great form in the mix, such as electric guitars that have heavy distortion. You can easily make sense of these instruments, as they translate exceptionally well into an organized pattern throughout the sound spectrum. The Hype 2 has its specific coloration, but still showcases good dynamics with a fine level of detail. Vocals don’t exactly come to life, but the way they sit naturally in the mix is still believable.


While not particularly noteworthy, the highs still retain a presence in this sound signature. They express good height, and when your tracks aren’t particularly busy, the highs can have a light shimmer to them. Otherwise, its texture can sometimes get lost, as the highs just can’t match the gain of other frequency ranges. You can still perceive enough high-frequency detail at a more surface-level translation, and it will always be enjoyably smooth in its timbre.


I’m very surprised by how much I like the ThieAudio Hype 2. While it’s not perfect, I still think this is one of the best IEMs you can get for the price. It’s an easily enjoyable sound that brings a lot of flavor to your music, thanks to ThieAudio’s Impact Squared and Sonion drivers. Along with a great fit, the Hype 2 is easy to recommend for $299.

The ThieAudio Hype 2 is available at Linsoul and Audio46.

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