SuperEQ S2 Wireless Headphones Review

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Here we are with a pair of the SuperEQ S2 On-Ear Wireless Headphones. They may not be one of the big brands, but they are making a solid effort to change that. Cue the S2.

Donning a unique colorway – mint and orange – these headphones are meant for those  who wish for simplicity and ease, without the crippling price. An easy $39.99 gets you a solid pair of Bluetooth headphones, as well as a few cool features.

SuperEQ S2 Bag



  • Using Time1: 18 hours (ANC+BT)
  • Using Time2: 25 hours (BT Only)
  • Using Time3: 45 hours (ANC Only)
  • Noise Reduction Depth: 20~25db
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz~20KHz
  • Bluetooth/Range: V5.0/≥33ft (10m)
  • Input: USB5.0V/360mAh
  • Speaker Diameters: 40mm

SuperEQ just wants you to keep listening, and their long battery life supports that statement. For this price, it is very hard to find something that keeps a charge for this long, especially with the features it comes with. Not only is the S2 Bluetooth optional, and can connect to multiple devices at once, but the Active Noise Cancellation – now that, folks, is a bang for your buck. But enough with the little fancy things, let’s talk sound!

SuperEQ S2 Shell



ANC Off – When I pressed play, I was surprised by stereo field. A nice amount of width, just enough to get everything in there.

ANC On – Wider, all around cleaner and clearer signal


ANC Off – Strong, but lacked focus. It was kind of all over the place.

ANC On – Cleaner, tighter, but less intense


ANC Off – Prevalent to the whole of the mix, very muddy

ANC On – Much tighter, more compact and controlled


ANC Off – Somewhat dull – lacked life and brightness, still managed to cut through fairly well

ANC On – Sharper, brighter, more air

SuperEQ S2 Cups


At the end of the day, I have no complaints. I do have reservations though.

The signal accompanied by the ANC was simply better than the one without. Before I turned it on, the bass and the mids were muddled on top of each other, the vocals sat lifeless in the middle of it all. It was hardly listenable. It sounded like what this button really engages is a better crossover between the mids and highs, because the difference was truly night and day. Either or, once that button was pressed, not only did the S2’s sound oodles better, but it sounded objectively good – fifty dollar pair of headphones or not, I could see myself listening with these and having a great time, just as long as that ANC is on.

In all, I would recommend these if you listen to music on the go. Their Bluetooth abilities, light weight, and the simple fact that they sound this way for this price, makes it a no brainer.

SuperEQ S2 Wireless Headphones are available on Amazon

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