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Noble Audio Falcon Pro – True Wireless Stereo Earbuds Review

Noble Audio has an array of IEMs in their product range which all boast impressive design and sound quality such as the TUX 5 and the Kahn. With the release of their Falcon Pro true wireless stereo earbuds, they further expand their more widely affordable range of products and add a new member to their growing line of bluetooth headphones. Prior to the Falcon Pro, Noble Audio released the Falcon TWS and Falcon TWS 2, their first wireless products that sat at a lower price point than the new Falcon Pro. The pro retails for $329, which is pretty standard for a high quality pair of wireless earbuds right now. With the number of similar bluetooth products on the market, Noble has quite a lot of competition to go up against with these, but it’s a challenge they’re well equipped to take on. 

Noble Audio Falcon Pro Packaging

Whats in the box:

  • Falcon Pro earbuds
  • Charging case
  • Carrying pouch
  • Two pairs of ear tips
  • Charging cable

Noble Audio Falcon Pro back

Look and Feel

The Falcon Pro only come in one color scheme, matte black on the body with a glossy metallic blue back. The metallic coloring has a really fun look to it. I’m not sure if Noble plans on releasing these in different colors, but I think they’d look amazing in other shades like red, gold, silver, or teal. The wireless charging case sports the same color scheme, with the metallic blue on the top. These are easy to put in and plenty comfortably. The slightly elongated neck holding the speaker makes these snug in your ear and allows the rubber tips to create a tight seal. 

Noble Audio Falcon Pro with case


The Falcon Pros are true wireless, meaning theres no additional hardware: they contain a mic, and you can tap the sides in order to play/pause, skip songs, and adjust volume. They take about an hour to charge, and the case itself takes about 1.5 hours to charge. With a full battery, these have 10 hours of playback or 11 hours continuous talk time at 70% volume, or 5.5 hours of playback at maximum volume. They support SBC, AAC, and aptX Codecs, which allows them to work seamlessly with all content across IOS or Android devices and a playback frequency oof 20Hz-24kHz. They house a Knowles Tri-layered Titanium dynamic driver, which Noble claims puts their quality above other wireless headphones. These also have a hear-through function, which allows voices and surrounding sounds to permeate the headphones so you don’t have to take them out. They’re water resistant and can be worn in the rain or during intense workouts, but not fully waterproof so don’t take them swimming or in the shower .


There’s no available information about the impedance on these so you’ll have to take my word for it: they are plenty loud. For normal levels, the Falcon Pros don’t need a wild amount of volume. And if you’re someone who likes to blast your music, you can certainly use these to continue your venture of losing your hearing by the end of the decade (not recommended).


The Falcon Pros have a fairly theatrical soundstage that honors the mix from its center to its furthest edges. They feel a bit wider than your average earbud, maybe not by an insane measure but an appreciable amount. Orchestral recordings have plenty of room to flutter around and the wide breadth of 21st century pop and rock definitely won’t fall short. For songs with a lot resting in the center channel, you’ll still get appreciable width on the outskirts of the mix as these don’t seem to be writing off any areas of the image. The layering on these feels pretty standard, if you’re looking for extreme instrument separation these definitely have a little more blend to them, but not to a muddying extent. Low end heavy mixes may not read quite as expansive on these, but this is a trade off for some extra oomf on the lows, which we’ll talk about next. 


The lows on the Falcon Pro pack a real punch. Any song with heavy drums, especially rolling toms, is going to take you for a ride. Bass and percussion with a wide stereo mix will be front and center, and their dynamics come through great when you hear fast string rises or percussive fills. These will give some heft to alternative and classical as much as they will to hiphop and pop. The lows feel firmly rooted and far from shy. They definitely make sure not to ignore the lowest lows in the 30Hz-50hz range. I’d say these are definitely a low end lovers earbud, but the boost is still refined and maintains maturity throughout its intensity. If you’re not typically low end obsessed, I think these are still worth at least checking out. 


One of the first things I noticed about the Falcon Pros is that their high mids are definitely not screaming, I’d say they’re tastefully subdued. The low mids are also not their forefront, but bare a bit more presence than the high mids. For tracks with a sharper mix, these do a good job balancing out harsher ringing frequencies and keep the 1kHz-2kHz range from feeling overkill. They perform especially well on smooth R&B production. If you get a chance to take these for a spin, give “Honey” by Raveena a try. Its tranquil mix just floats out of the drivers. I found folk and ‘dream pop’ or ‘shoe gaze’ such as Beach House or Weyes Blood also excelled with the mids on these. It felt like the engineers of these songs and Noble audio had a common goal, and when brought together they lifted up one another. Electronic music lovers may also be especially impressed by these as they’ll add another level of cleanliness to the already pristine mixes commonly utilized in modern synthetic soundscapes. 


The Falcon Pros are gonna give your highs a noticeable edge. I found vocals and strings coated in a clean shimmer. I like more prominent high end from my earbuds, but I sometimes shy away from the brighter models on the market because many seem to mindlessly boost the high end. The Falcon Pros don’t feel overzealous in their highs, and its clearly an intentional and well-thought-out decision from Noble to give these a healthy shine. Despite their added high end, they still have no trouble translating unusually bright or dark mixes. Combined with their warm mids, the upper half of the frequency spectrum on these does great on more resonant voices and production. Some notably resonant artists I referenced were Kelsey Lu, Florence & The Machine, and LP. I found the Flacon Pros carried their unique projections in a well-polished manor. 


With their ambitious highs and lows, these definitely have a target market of listeners. The Falcon Pros seem to have a clear mission on which they deliver very well. Especially for being on the much lower end of Noble Audio’s price range, these stand on their own quite impressively. The market of bluetooth earbuds is growing at a rapid pace, and these manage to make their voice heard among the crowd. If you’re looking for an earbud that feels high-end, polished, and powerful without breaking the bank, the Falcon Pros should certainly be on your radar. 


Pros: Full, Punchy Lows, Crisp Highs, Warm Mids

Cons: Warm high mids not for everyone

The Noble Audio Falcon Pro are available at Audio46

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