Clarity, Character, and Charisma – Campfire Audio Andromeda S

Whether you’re walking down the corridors of a dark oubliette or you’re listening to your favorite song on a clear, starry night, it’s imperative to hear with clarity. Not only does it enrich the experience of your game or your music, but it brings you closer to dungeon, closer to the piano. It brings you into the room. Well this week, I got a chance to experience an earphone which provided such clarity. So let me tell you all about it with this Campfire Audio Andromeda S review.

Clarity, Character, and Charisma – Campfire Audio Andromeda S

In the Box

-Campfire Audio Andromeda S earphones with detachable Litz cable

-leather zipping carrying case

-drawstring pouch for earpieces

-silicone eartips

-foam eartips

-Final Audio Type E eartips

-cleaning tool



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You might be familiar with sibling of the Campfire Audio Andromeda S, the Campfire Andromeda. If so, it’s worth noting that the biggest difference in build between the Andromeda and the S is that the S has a stainless steel driver housing. As a result, compared to the green Andromeda, it has a more mature look. It is glossed, so has a bit of a shine. Therefore, its look isn’t quiet, but maintains a sense of class.

Comfort and Fit

The Campfire Audio Andromeda S, is a bit heavier than the classic Campfire Andromeda. However, it fits snuggly and securely in my ear. The driver housings are a bit large just like the original Andromeda, so they touch the outside of my ear. At first, it was a bit uncomfortable because I could feel the coldness of the S. But after a few minutes, they warmed up and didn’t bother me anymore. However, if you live in a cold climate, it’s worth noting if you plan on wearing these outside.


Like the Andromeda, the Campfire Audio Andromeda S feels almost like a high quality piece of jewelry. The stainless steel driver housing makes it extra durable. Additionally, the S includes a detachable and super high quality Campfire Litz Cable. These cables are among my favorite cables because they have a great sound, a beautiful look, and are very durable.


Low Frequencies

The low frequencies of the Campfire Audio Andromeda S are extended and reveal the sustain of kick drums, bass guitars, and bass synths. Because of the low noise floor of its cable, it comes through with a sense of energy. Additionally, I hear a bit of a boost in the sub frequencies of the S. As a result, the lows have great power without stepping on other parts of the frequency spectrum.

For example, when I was listening to the song I’m Callin’ by Tennis, the kick drum extended downward. Level wise, it sat right where I like it. The Campfire Audio Andromeda S gave it a boost, but was not overpowering or distracting from the bass guitar or lower end of the electric guitars or keys. Additionally, the kick drum seemed to dance and bounce dynamically, and thus contributed nicely to the groove of the song.

Middle Frequencies

The middle frequencies of the Campfire Audio Andromeda S felt dynamically active. Therefore, like the low frequencies, the middle frequencies also contributed to the groove of songs. The low-mids felt even and clear, providing midrange solidity while maintaining spaciousness for details and textures. Likewise, the middle mids felt full. As a result guitars, strings, pianos, horns and vocals felt rich and harmonically complex. This evenness made these earphones sound great on a wide variety of genres. There was a slight boost in the high mids, but mostly they felt even. As a result, the earphones provided detail and punch to transients as well as clarity and texture to vocals, horns, and other high-mid rich instruments.

For example, when I was listening to the song Slow Burn by Kacey Musgraves, the bass guitar felt full and thick, but wasn’t overly emphasized level-wise in the mix. The acoustic guitar, which strums along throughout the whole song, felt dynamically alive and contributed greatly to the emotional impact of the song. Although the song is mixed for the acoustic’s transients to take precedent, the Campfire Audio Andromeda S helped the rest of the guitar feel harmonically complex, and thus had a sense of realism to it. Additionally, Kacey’s vocal sat right where I was expecting it to sit in the mix. It had a subtle, yet impactful sense of texture.

High Frequencies

The high frequencies of the Campfire Audio Andromeda S are not overly emphasized as a whole. It’s balanced seems to lean slightly toward the upper treble and away from lower treble. As a result, it has a sense of lift and extension, while avoiding sibilance and harshness.

For example, when I was listening to the song So Tender by Keith Jarrett, the cymbals felt wonderfully extended. They came through with richness and clarity, which helped differentiate the different character of each cymbal as the drummer hit them. The Campfire Audio Andromeda S provided a sense of spaciousness around them because of the little cut in the lower treble. Additionally, the attack of the piano felt like it had a sense of lightness and lift to it, which contributed to a sense of emotionally impactful delicacy.


Due to the high frequency and low frequency extension of the Campfire Audio Andromeda S, its sense of height felt tall and long. This height seemed specific, nuanced, and accurate. Additionally, it had a sense of accurate width. As a result, every instrument came through with a sense of spaciousness in the stereo field. Likewise, the sense of depth, because of the quick transients and active dynamics, felt detailed. Additionally, the clarity and evenness in the midrange provided detail and clarity to room mics and reverbs.

For example, when I was listening to the song Matter of Time by Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, the drums, bass, guitars, horns, and background vocals all felt accurately placed in the stereo field. Additionally, Sharon’s vocal, which maintained a sense of intimacy, contrasted beautifully with the guitars and keys. The Campfire Audio Andromeda helped them feel deeper back in space. Likewise, the drums, which sat highly in the vertical domain, contrasted well with the solid anchor of the bass guitar.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Campfire Audio Andromeda S has a nice, powerful bass and a clear, even midrange. As a result, it works well with a wide variety of genres, while still maintaining its own sense of character and charisma.

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The Campfire Audio Andromeda S is available for the best price here:

Audio46: Campfire Audio Andromeda S at Audio46


-Frequency Response: 10 Hz-28 kHz

-Impedance: 12.8 ohms @ 1 kHz

-Sensitivity: 112.8 dBSPL/mW

-Drivers: 5 balanced armatures

-Driver Housing: stainless steel

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