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beyerdynamic MMX 300 Pro Gaming Headset Review

There is a new gaming headphone on the scene, this time coming from the well-known German brand beyerdynamic. They’ve released a couple different models of gaming headsets before, under their MMX series. They’ve had the MMX 100, 200, and 300, but today they have released the MMX 300 Pro Gaming Headset, with a lot of new added features that are sure to impress audiophiles and video game fans alike. Coming in at a hot $329 (considerably pricier than their other models), let’s see what this new edition from beyerdynamic has to offer. 

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What Comes In The Box

  • Gaming Headset MMX 300 Pro
  • 1 x Connection cable with 2 x 3-pole mini jack plugs (3.5 mm) to connect to a headphone output and microphone input, e.g. PC
  • 1 x Adapter with 2 x mini jack sockets (3.5 mm) and 1 x mini stereo jack plug (3.5 mm) to connect to mini combination jacks (3.5 mm), e.g. game consoles, tablets, smartphones etc.
  • Microphone Pop Filter
  • Instruction Manual

beyerdynamic MMX 300 Pro Wires

Aesthetics and Functionality

The look of these headphones doesn’t differ too much from their previous models. The black finish with touches of orange is classic in the beyerdynamic gaming headsets. The fit is comfortable and easy to wear; the added fontanelle recess at the headband is definitely a great upgrade from previous models. The circle ear cup covers my ear completely, and even wearing glasses, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable or like any sound is leaking out. Additionally, the functionality of these is straightforward and doesn’t need too much thought. Plugging in the headphones was easy, and there is a helpful tool on the wire that allows for volume control and play/pause.  

It is also worth noting that the microphone is just as important in testing these headphones as is the sound that comes out of them. The microphone offers crisp and clear audio pickup, one that translate well into the headphones later on. The cardioid pattern prevents ambient audio from leaking into the microphone, and the adjustable wire is easy to direct at the user’s mouth without being in the way. It was nice to see that beyerdynamic put the same detail and care into the microphone quality as they did the headphones.

Tech Specs

  • Closed, Dynamic Circumaural design
  • STELLAR.45 driver system
  • Impedance: 48 Ω
  • Headphone Frequency Response: 5Hz – 40kHz
  • THD @ 500Hz <0.05%
  • Cardioid Electret Condenser Microphone
  • Microphone Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz

beyerdynamic MMX 300 Pro Wire Details

Listening Review


The soundstage for the MMX 300 Pros is definitely fit for a gaming experience. These do a fantastic job of really immersing you into the audio, delivering a detailed stage for your favorite scores and sound effects to live. It’s more of a narrow stage, but in a headphone designed for gaming, that actually works out better than if it were incredibly wide. It allows for the imaging accuracy is very precise, and I can imagine perfectly where things are in front of and around me while listening. The STELLAR.45 driver is an upgrade from the drivers that the previous models have, and it is noticeable while listening. The noise canceling design heightens the immersive experience, and there is no active noise canceling tech needed to do it. The over-ear design alone allows for most ambient noise to be blocked out and the tracks you choose to be featured. 

Low Frequencies

The low end is definitely a highlight of these headphones for me. It is very powerful and commanding in a number of different genres. You can hear bass drums and timpanis really come out in classical pieces, and lower synths in more modern songs practically vibrate in the best way. Kick drums are punchy and those really deep bass lines are just incredible. One track I was listening to, “My Ugly” by Cloudfodder, has an incredible low end, and normally you can’t quite hear all the textures of the deep bass tones. In the MMX 300 Pro, it was clear and detailed in a way I hadn’t experienced before, and it made it all the more enjoyable. The headphone frequency range starts at 5Hz, and it really shows in tracks like those where sub-frequencies steal the show. 

Mid-Range Frequencies

The mid-range here is clear and offers great detail in the layers. It’s easy for this range to feel cluttered because of how many instruments fall in this range, but the level of detail you can hear and clarity between instruments’ timbres is what makes a mid range great. It is definitely noticeable in these, and I can imagine how a video game with a lot of added sound effects and dialogue gets that level of attention. I was mainly listening to music tracks, but I took a listen to some video game scores to see what kind of detail those would be getting. The God of War soundtrack, for example, was a great listen and offered a lot of space for the sound design to live as well as those musical tracks. 

High Frequencies 

Higher frequencies are bright, airy, and colorful. Some may argue it’s too bright, and it may turn some people away from this particular set. There is room to breathe and for reverbs to die out without cutting off, or harmonics to ring on naturally. I think the expanded range that goes to 40kHz really comes into effect, where the things are properly placed in that high end and have a nice, natural sound. It’s easy for high end to sound fake and synthetic, but this has a crisp and authentic sound that is pleasant in every track. I noticed this in particular in some of Gustav Holt’s Planets compositions; the violins and other high strings had their own space to breathe without being too piercing or overwhelming. 

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To conclude, I believe these headphones are a win. The comfort and design aren’t too far a stretch from what beyerdynamic users already know, but the sound quality is definitely a step up from what they would normally expect. I am not a video game player, I will say, and a lot of my testing involved music rather than video games itself. Either way, I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking to upgrade their gear. The sound quality, comfort, design, and features all make for a great headset that is going to elevate any listening experience.

You can get the MMX 300 Pro Headset at Audio46 today.

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