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When it comes to the highest end of audiophile earphones, 64 Audio has been one of the top names. Their efforts have created some of the most hyper-detailed IEM’s currently on the market, servicing a wide array of listeners seeking the highest fidelity. They’ve also contributed a number of innovations, such as their Tia drivers, Apex, and LID systems that help enhance the aural experience to its greatest potential. While many of their products reach a high echelon of quality, their prices can be rather aggressive.

With the output of excellence, 64 Audio is capable of, they don’t play around with the value of each model. Last year they released their lowest-priced IEM yet at $1,699 with the Nio. Aside from a few custom selections, this was their cheapest universal IEM until now. Recently, 64 Audio launched the U6t, a new six-driver IEM for $1,299. With their prices decreasing, can 64 Audio sustain its prowess?

64 Audio contents

What You Get

  • U6t Universal In-Ear Monitors
  • 64 Audio Premium Leather Case
  • TrueFidelity Eartips (S, M, L)
  • Silicone Eartips (S, M, L)
  • SpinFit Eartips (S, M, L)
  • Black Premium Cable
  • m20 apex Modules
  • m15 apex Modules
  • Round Sticker

64 Audio in hands

Look and Feel

If you’re familiar with 64 Audio, then the style of the U6t won’t be much of a surprise. It’s designed with the same aluminum housing with a thin spout for your ear tips. The U6t doesn’t feature a cool faceplate design like some of their other models, but the glossy resin logo is still nice to look at. As the fit goes, the U6t sports a good level of comfortability depending on tip selection.

Ear tips do most of the leg work adding support and security to the ear cavity, as the housing firmly sits above. From my experience, the U6t never came in close contact with my ear cavity at all, making for a stable fit that depends on the tips you choose. One other aspect of the U6t I would like to mention is its vastly improved cable. This new premium cable uses silver-plated OCC copper wire and uses a thicker multi-twist pattern. It’s their best stock cable yet. 

64 Audio 3.5mm jack


As mentioned before, the U6t is a six-driver system that uses precision-balanced armatures. Two are delegated to low frequencies, while two more control the mids. One armature is used for high-mids, and one more for tia highs, which reduce resonance and maximize transparency. Many of 64 Audio’s flagship features are transferred over to the U6t, including their Apex modules, which offer a reduction in air pressure. They also help shape the sound signature in certain ways, like the light grey nodes adding a bit of warmth, or the dark grey nodes having the stronger bass. Finally, 64 Audio brings over their LID system, which fixes the output level of the signal automatically to the driver’s impedance. In effect, this gives you the ideal signal no matter what system you’re using. 

64 Audio together


64 Audio always delivers when it comes to soundstage, and the U6t is one of the best this brand has to offer. This IEM produces an expansive image, with awesome width and depth. Not only do the layers pop out with exceptional clarity but the separation on display is impeccable. With the U6t, I firmly believe you are getting the fullest and most articulate sound possible, capable of the finest details. The imaging here is fantastically crisp, with the sound field emanating with pristine resolution.

With the extraordinary amount of layers on display, the U6t is able to produce a spacious soundstage while maintaining a sense of control to the stereo field. The imaging makes your music appear lifelike as if it is happening right in front of you. It’s only slightly holographic, but the headspace still feels like it has no limits. Sounds will leak outward while the main ensemble teeters right on the edge. The U6t reaches great heights and depths with an immersive soundstage that doesn’t have anything to hide, just a pure spectacle.

Low End

There’s a ton of juicy bass to sink your teeth into. Here, the U6t showcases a low end with unexaggerated fullness, but with an almost extreme amount of depth and sub-bass goodness. Its tonality is perfectly clean, and the response is very well balanced. However, nothing about this low end is relaxed. There’s an undeniable energy to the lows that makes the sound signature constantly engaging. Its drive is very impactful and dives into that throaty sub-bass depth that not a lot of IEMs accomplish. The frequencies steer away from a surface-level boominess and instead keeps clarity without sacrificing coloration. Listening to the album “Massive Oscillations” by Waclaw Zimpel brought that low-end character and almost tested its abilities, but the U6t was more than capable of handling each tracks intimidating vibrations. 


While there are some interesting accentuations going on in both the upper and lower ends of the midrange, there feels like a small notch in the fundamental mid frequencies. At first, I couldn’t quite get over what was wrong but it became clear the more I listened. However, almost ironically, the more I listened the more it didn’t bother me. There’s a slight push towards warmth, but most of the frequency response in the mids still maintains an even balance of clarity. Most of the timbre remains neutral, but wafts of texture still resonate throughout the spectrum. This is especially prominent in the upper mids, where the tonality is so precise you feel like you’ll break it if you focus on it too much. 


The details of the upper mids carry over into most of the treble as well, ultimately culminating in a crisp high-end that showcases the finest the U6t has to offer. Although the bass will fulfill most listeners’ crave for proper engagement, that highs almost do double that for me. It won’t shy away from brightness, and even some piercing elements, but these characteristics are handled with exceptional grace. Sounds are natural and pure, with some elements featuring a blissful ring that adds to the feel of each track you listen to. Reverberant effects tail off with great extension, and hi-hats have a sparkling texture that appears properly heightened over the rest of the mix. The treble here sports a fine finish to the sound signatures engaging timbre.


It should be no surprise that 64 Audio has added another great IEM to its growing library, but I am absolutely floored by the U6t’s level of fidelity. Yes, the mids have a slight notch, but it’s such a minuscule concern when compared to everything else this IEM does great. I enjoyed endless amusement with these earphones, testing out different tracks from an assortment of genres. It’s a dynamic sound signature that has something for everyone to enjoy. The level of detail is almost absurd, and the soundstage helps communicate it all in a way that makes sense. At $1,299 the U6t is one of the best options currently available in its price bracket, and it makes it all the more impressive considering this is their most affordable option. 

Pros and Cons


  • High level of detail across the frequency spectrum
  • Expansive soundstage
  • Good support inside the ear
  • Exceptional high-frequency response
  • Lively sub-bass 
  • Improved cable
  • Flagship design for less

The 64 Audio U6t is available at Audio 46.

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